What’s Your Story?

Oh here we are again, ready for a new year of school.  And this is it — your senior year!  So let’s harken back to the days of yore, and have you write a “This is what I did on my summer vacation” story.  Only this time, in honor of our first unit in Creative Writing, I’d like you to tell it as a fairy tale.  Embellish all you wish.  Maybe you had an exciting and adventurous summer.  Maybe you worked all summer long.  Maybe you relaxed.  Whatever it is, it’s your story.  So tell it how you wish.  Feel free to comment on the stories of your peers!

Requirements:  Summer vacation as a fairy tale; at least 200 words; entertain me!

Due Friday September 510556460_10204016040618874_1860871417052979340_n

Once upon a time, there was a fairy princess who went on a fabulous adventure.  She embarked into the wilds of the Austrian Alps, in the hopes of conquering the craggy mountain called Hoher Ifen.  With her on the journey were her four companions: Sir Patrick von Langenau, Sir Michael von Memmingen, Sir Nic von Canadia, and Sir Norbert the Wise.  Together they journeyed, fighting trolls and angry elves and giant mountain rabbits along the way.  The rocky landscape and stark vertical climb left them worn and weary.  But they ventured on, knowing what waited for them atop the mountain: the treasure of the Alps. They weren’t certain as to what the treasure entailed, but they knew that countless others had followed the same path and come away happy. On the final stretch of mountain, following a winding path straight up through fields of Edelweiss, they crested the mountain. Before them lay the treasure – an unblemished view of unparalleled beauty, miles of green and snow, scattered lakes, red rooftops of faraway houses. In the distance, the Bodensee, with its mythical water dragons. This was the treasure, the beauty of God’s earth, there not for the taking, but to enjoy. They raised their fists in triumph and gratitude, and of course, they lived happily ever after.