What’s Your Story?

Oh here we are again, ready for a new year of school.  And this is it — your senior year!  So let’s harken back to the days of yore, and have you write a “This is what I did on my summer vacation” story.  Only this time, in honor of our first unit in Creative Writing, I’d like you to tell it as a fairy tale.  Embellish all you wish.  Maybe you had an exciting and adventurous summer.  Maybe you worked all summer long.  Maybe you relaxed.  Whatever it is, it’s your story.  So tell it how you wish.  Feel free to comment on the stories of your peers!

Requirements:  Summer vacation as a fairy tale; at least 200 words; entertain me!

Due Friday September 510556460_10204016040618874_1860871417052979340_n

Once upon a time, there was a fairy princess who went on a fabulous adventure.  She embarked into the wilds of the Austrian Alps, in the hopes of conquering the craggy mountain called Hoher Ifen.  With her on the journey were her four companions: Sir Patrick von Langenau, Sir Michael von Memmingen, Sir Nic von Canadia, and Sir Norbert the Wise.  Together they journeyed, fighting trolls and angry elves and giant mountain rabbits along the way.  The rocky landscape and stark vertical climb left them worn and weary.  But they ventured on, knowing what waited for them atop the mountain: the treasure of the Alps. They weren’t certain as to what the treasure entailed, but they knew that countless others had followed the same path and come away happy. On the final stretch of mountain, following a winding path straight up through fields of Edelweiss, they crested the mountain. Before them lay the treasure – an unblemished view of unparalleled beauty, miles of green and snow, scattered lakes, red rooftops of faraway houses. In the distance, the Bodensee, with its mythical water dragons. This was the treasure, the beauty of God’s earth, there not for the taking, but to enjoy. They raised their fists in triumph and gratitude, and of course, they lived happily ever after.


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  1. Meghan says:

    In a far, far, far away land, off the coast of Hawaii, there was young mermaid who lived under the control of an evil serpent. He loved the mermaid very much, mostly for her beautiful blue locks, but also for her incredible ability to put him asleep with the best bed time stories told in all the land. Though the serpent tried to spoil the mermaid with lots of gifts she was truly never happy. One day, the mermaid heard of a stream that would take her to a magical land where if she sang a small lullaby and wished a single wish it would soon become true. So that night as the serpent slithered into bed, that mermaid told the most beautiful, most soothing story she had ever come up with and within minutes the evil serpent was fast asleep. With blue hair flowing, the mermaid swam up the stream with all its curves and turns, worrying only at the small bridges that could only handle so much weight. She hoped the creatures of the night would be too busy to bother her, and with every swish of a seaweed plant or tumble of rocks falling into the ocean, the mermaid began swimming faster. Then after hours and hours of countless turns and wondrous views of the blue ocean, she had found the place and with a soft voice sang the sweet lullaby and whispered her wish, then she simple turned around and swam home as the sun began to lift up into the sky. To her greatest pleasure, the serpent lay dead on the ground and her best friend the servant stood above holding a large knife with a big smile playing on his lips. She swam to him, and they lived happily ever after.

  2. Rachel Filbert says:

    Once upon a time, a princess set out on a journey with the other prince and princesses in her family. The King and Queen had arranged for this interesting adventure. The journey began as the princesses and princes embarked on a boat to a cold and chilly land called Alaskadia. This was a foreign land to these prince and princesses so they were very curious to what their journey entailed. The princess enjoyed the sights as they entered to a magical place called The Fjord of the Great Lord Tracey Arm where sparkling pieces of ice fell into the water. The boat would be making three stops; the first at Skagway, then to Juneau, and finally the Great Victorian Land of Canadia. In Skagway, the royal family of 20 explored the ancient town, discovering its dark secrets. They continued the following day to Juneau where they panned for golden treasures and saw the most glorious sight. They came into view of the Great Mountain Mendenhall that radiated with blue and silver colors. The next few days were spent at sea until arriving in Canadia. Here they came upon a castle lit with lights and the princess was in awe. A few days later, the royal family safely arrived back home and lived happily ever after and will always have memories of majestic Alaskadia.

  3. Mrs. PH says:

    From Christian Bell (I moved it from the “about” section)

    Our story begins long ago when Justin Timberlake was just another member of NSYNC and everyone had a pager. On a warm summer morning a woman named Crystal welcomed into the world her greatest achievement. She named her Christian; not caring that it was traditionally a boy’s name or that her kindergarten teacher would intentionally pronounce her name Christina after being told a million times that it is not. Anyway, fast-foward seventeen years this girl has grown into a princess: a really tall, incredibly kind and awesome princess. To celebrate her seventeenth year in the world her grandparents arranged for her to spend a week with them at their quite ranch in Texas. Here she experienced the quickest yet scariest rainstorm in her life. It only lasted five minutes but it poured down so hard and heavy she thought they were in the midst of a hurricane. On the bright side, she ate her indian food in a magical tent called the Clay Pit. The tent held many exotically delicious smells like fresh naan bread, curry powder and not so delicious smells like the extremely sweaty guy in the cowboy hat next to her gorging on chicken as if the world were to end tomorrow. Nevertheless, she enjoyed her feast in the mystical tent and tipped her waiter with a golden coin. Our princess spent many of her days here watching the sun come up, and then peacefully gliding through the air on a swing set by the large willow tree. She also spent her nights on Twitter and Facebook in addition to listening to the sound of cicadas singing. Finally, the night before her departure back to her evergreen kingdom, her grandmother took her to the greatest movie theater in the world. NO SERIOUSLY, IT WAS THE GREATEST MOVIE THEATER IN HISTORY I HAVE PICTURES!! The regular barely comfortable chairs one often sees in a normal theater were replaced with ultra plush comfortable reclining chairs and there were not any long annoying lines for popcorn because waiters actually served you dinner inside the movie. our princess had gone to heaven & almost cried when it was time to leave. She will always cherish that time with her grandparents. The End. Christian Bell

  4. Nils Gollersrud says:

    Once upon a time, there was an intrepid explorer who traveled to a far land known as the “Coast of East.” The cities in this land were large and crowded, but the brave explorer navigated them with much fearlessness. However, during this voyage, the explorer faced many difficulties and even went so far as to lose his direction. While traveling through the Market of Reading, the explorer became lost as he ventured deep into uncharted territory in search of food. Fearing that he would starve to death, he desperately journeyed, until he found a vendor selling tacos, the mythical food of the gods. The explorer was out of danger for a short while until he traveled to the Land of the Dead, a seemingly endless necropolis filled with the graves of lost souls. He faced sweltering heat, hunger once more, and then came close to the verge of death. But finding his courage, the explorer fought his way out and arrived safely in a tavern where he regained his strength by consuming a meat known as the “burger of ham”, the other food of the gods. As the explorer ventured out once more, he did not run into trouble, but in fact met a friendly face in the king of the land, a man known as “Barack of Obama.” After the explorer was knighted by the king for his brave voyage, he safely returned home to and left once again on a quest to the magical realm known as the “internet.”

  5. Makenzie says:

    Once upon a time there was a girl that left her hometown Washington to leave for Yachats, Oregon. Upon arrival, the girl and her companions made their way to the glorious beach. They marched through the trail that seemed to get smaller and smaller as they continued on. A canopy of blackberry bushes devoured them. Finally they reached the light at the end of the tunnel. They have reached the beach. They walked along the beach to find the marvelous lookout. They crossed the ice cold river that was up to their waists. Once across, the sun was setting and the fresh air blowing in their faces. Shortly after the beach, they saddled up onto their noble steeds and rode through the dense forest. They walked through paths narrowing in on them, pushing their way through the monotonous sand dunes. Making their way over the hill, they were excited to feel the sand on their face again. The horses ran along the ocean, their manes blowing in the wind. The day was slowly disappearing. The girl and her friends made their way back home after a day filled with excitement, and could not wait to do it all over again the next day:)
    The End!
    Makenzie Wanchena

  6. dinhlinh44 says:

    Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there was a mage-knight who wanted a thing called “Great Strength”. He sent his scouts far and wide to find this so-called “Great Strength”. When the scout reported they’ve found the source of “Great Strength”, it was apparently in a old combat school, full of dust and broken walls, in it was 6 people trying to rebuild it; a renowned old sage with skills of undetected movement, a apathetic axe-man, with his sister, a swords-woman likes to listen to horror stories, a African-American spear-woman who is effective in cleaning, a short, skinny swordsman with tendencies of misplacing comrades belongings including their weapons and a very sarcastic and cold-and-kind mechanic. All of them, working on rebuilding the combat school. They rebuilt the classrooms with magic and great strength without desks and then created lockers though some had cursed locks and magical heaters with the risk of exploding. Afterward, they worked on flourishing the surrounding environment by killing Weed-monsters and trimming Tree-dragons, we couldn’t finish it with a little help of a lone tall samurai and a big strong blacksmith with a unbeatable beard. After repairing the school, most people thought that their efforts was wasted and went back to their lands of their birth. The mage-knight saw it differently he found “Great Strength”, the great strength of making a difference by helping others whether big or small. He decided to attend the same school a few years later, taking pride of seeing how much people liked what they had done, this is what he called “Great Strength” of worth. He then lived a ripe old age and died peacefully with children and a wife.

  7. Andy Wang says:

    Once upon a time, a little boy set up an adventure with his twin brother to go back to the place where they born. They left their home since they just a five-year-old kid, their home is locate at the other side of the earth. The journey began in a hot day of summer, the little boy and his brother take the train to go to the airport, they sneak into the airplane without getting notice form the guards who has three eyes on their face looking at different direction, with a laser gun carry at the their waist. When the airplane depart, little boy and his brother though they are safe from now on, but the storm come, accompany with the lightning, there airplane get hit by the lightning, and the boy and his brother make their way out before the airplane crash down and sink down to the sea. Next few days, they floating on the current and searching for help, when they were out of supplies, the sea horse show up in their sight. The sea horse is a legendary creature, no one ever see a sea horse before. The sea horse carried the boy and his brother on his back and travels them to their home town, then, the little boy and his brother found their parents and they lived happily ever afterward.

  8. Carol says:

    As the season of summer was setting course, the princess (me, of course) and her allies sat in the veranda of the kings palace consumed with boredom. For unknown reasons, the lack of merriment was almost to a point of distraction.How can such an eventful day such 4th of July be so horrible? Since it was only morning, they shared their insights of how to brighten up the dull morning.
    Most of the suggestion went unnoticed until, the prince himself suggested they do everything they have never before. Curiosity spiked in everyone. Everyone scattered to find anything, any item they could utilize in their experiment. After they all gathered, they placed their items on the porch and began wondering what to do.
    First was Mary, in her hand she had a parcel containing balloons in which she suggested they fill with water. Second was Kevin, in his hands he held a watermelon and something that read “THE HUGE MORTAR”. His idea was to place the explosive firework inside the watermelon and watch the reaction. Third was Rose and her brother Justin, in their hands they held a container which seemed to filled with a variety of different colored bottles and the other held a package filled with balloons. Suddenly controversy erupted and everyone had something to disagree with. Suddenly the princess stood and suggested that we do all before sunset.
    First they filled their balloons with water and paint. In Order to make this much more merrier, they decided to dress in white attire. Finally, they were ready to joust. They stood surrounding the balloons which laid on the ground and chaos erupted. The combination of the cold water and the gummy paint was hard to bear but the joyous laughter and the loud screams made it much more pleasurable. Next was “THE HUGE MORTAR” display. They cut open the delicious fruit and inside it they set the pyrotechnic(firework). Since the contraption could not be set off manually, one of them had to volunteer themselves as tribute. In truth, the princess was constrained to do the act. Hesitantly, she went forth and lit the fuse and quickly ran off. Together they sat in silence, patiently waiting for the show. Suddenly, they heard the back door of the palace creak open. Scared, they looked behind them was the queen suspiciously watching them. It was is if fate was against them. If you were quiet, you could hear the fuse burning out and on cue the fruit detonated. The look of horror on the queens face was picture perfect. When the mayhem ended, the queen exploded with anger and within minutes their day ended. They were sent to clean off their garments. After they were presentable before the king, they were banned from going to the festival and instead sent to the basement where they enjoyed a night of laughter, conflict and Netflix. When morning came, they went to the queen and acknowledged their faults and in return the queen prepared a feast for them. And the meal was glorious and they lived happily ever after… (kind-of)

  9. Katie-Maureen Splaine-Duchsherer says:

    A long time ago(not really) there was a young maiden named Katie who traveled to the far off land of the East Coast. She went to learn about the many stories and battles that have been fought to help form this country; although she was not alone. About thirty other history-searchers joined her on this journey. The days were filled of fun and exploration, although at the time went on they grew tired. They had been walking countless miles everyday in the blaring heat. Their feet began to ache, they grew red on their skin, and dehydration was evident. Nearing the middle of their journey, they had set off by a flying dragon(just kidding a bus) towards the grand city of New York. When they arrived at the hostel, they could do nothing but look forward to the explorations. What was actually in store for them though, was yet for them to find out. Katie had always looked forward to traveling to New York; ever since she was a young child she dreamed about that moment. However, there were many tasks they had to overcome before reaching their final destination. They had to walk to the underground and avoid being ran over to shreds by a zooming subway. They had to avoid the ghettos on the subway from stealing their things. After surviving the dreaded subway, they had to again walk miles after miles. The searchers were irritated with each other(it was a pretty long time to be stuck with them), again the blaring heat and the constant ache of feet was evident, but as they grew closer to their destination, so did their excitement. Finally, the open stretch of stone walkway led them to a look-out area, and they saw it: the New York City skyline. Katie had been dreaming of this her whole life. The beauty was almost overwhelming for her, although there were others that didn’t appreciate the view as much as she did. When their journey had finally ended and they traveled home, Katie made a vow to herself that she would again return to that beautiful city and relive that very moment of overwhelming excitement.

    • Mrs. PH says:

      The first time I went to NYC was my senior year of high school (which really was a long, long time ago). I felt exactly like you did — overwhelmed by the skyline when I first saw it! I didn’t have quite so many obstacles, but we did fly from New Orleans, and we had to wear matching sweatshirts…

  10. Evan says:

    On a fine summer day, Evan decided to take a leisurely float down the McKenzie River in Bend, Oregon. He was greeted by the dwarves who rented out the boats. They danced around him and sang about safety and how to paddle correctly and where to position his feet to avoid being thrown from the boat, but Evan was too preoccupied sword fighting his arch nemesis Simon. They fought their way back and forth, their plastic water-moving swords thunking as they met midair. Simon hit Evan square in the chest causing him to backpedal quickly onto one of the dwarves’ boats. Simon laughed maniacally as Evan careened down the river. Frantically, Evan paddled against the current hoping to regain control as the river threatened to drag him under. He was too late, the dwarves’ boat splintered against a large rock and sent Evan flying into the ice cold water of the McKenzie. Evan just barely remembered the survival techniques that the dwarves described before he encountered his sworn enemy. Not knowing what to do, he had all but given up when he felt something enter his hand. He gripped with all his might at the object and was yanked abruptly from the water. When Evan came to his senses he found his nemesis steering the boat calmly downstream. He had been saved so that the two could fight another day. Evan knew this and decided to relax and enjoy his ride downstream.

  11. Andrea Z says:

    Once upon a time, there was a group of elves who were destined to explore a land far, far, away known as the Hill of Bunker. They reside in a village with a total population of 35 members, 3 of them being spiritual guides: Sir Cascio, Lord VanderPlas, and Angela the Huntress. Planning the expedition in advance, the elves and their three guides embarked the Alaskan Dragon for a week’s worth of exploration. Once they arrived, the elves began travelling on foot. Trudging with difficulty through the Bostonian lands along the Trail of Freedom, they managed to reach their destination. As they entered the mysterious land, the elves encountered the infamous tower centered at the Hill of Bunker. Intimidating as can be, only few of the elves dared to investigate the inside. At a first glance, the path to the top of the tower seemed endless. However, several of the elves could not resist their own curiosity as to what magical elements might be offered at the tower’s peak; so they ventured forth. The inside was nothing but a dangerous set of 294 rocky steps that were aligned in a spiraling structure. The elves marched and marched almost to the point of exhaustion, trying their best to avoid the evil Claustrophobia that lurked up and down the stairs. After a matter of time, the elves finally reached the top, discovering the enchanted windows. Anyone who viewed through these windows gained the power to see beyond human and elf eyes, able to see all of the beauty throughout the lands. The elves then continued to follow their spiritual guides, often searching for the confused Angela the Huntress. They spoke with the locals and faced many other challenges along the way, then safely returned home to reflect on their journey.

  12. Daniel Lee says:

    Once upon a time, there was a guy who really missed his home country. Having stayed out of his home, the guy was pleased when he recognized that he is going back to home. When he arrived at home, his family wanted to spend time with him, so traveled to the city that has a building of 160 floors. They spent an unforgettable time there. They went to the desert tour, Water Park, and artificial islands. Even though the trip was only five days long, they had no regret because they had waited the trip for ten months. After having a great time both in the city and home, the guy only had two months to spend time with his parents. The guy spent rest of the time wisely and efficiently, because he would not see parents for ten months when he goes back to where he was. The two months has passed, and the guy misses his parents, and regrets that he could have spent more time with parents. People always regret their decisions whether they are good or not. People always desire something more than they have. However, the better decisions people make, the less regret that people feel.

  13. Tammy Pham says:

    In a long, long time ago, in a faraway land names Vietnam, there was a princess who came back all the way from Seattle to visit her country. She was so happy because she could hug the King and Queen. Her kingdom has been changed a lot since she gone. One day, she decided to start her journey over the kingdom to see how everything was going on. “Woo, what happened to my favourite place?” She kept telling that to her maids. She seemed to be very disappointed. She moved from the north to the south, through every house. One, she came to the village in the middle of her kingdom. She thinks it is the most beautiful place she has ever seen. There were small and lovely houses. The wonderful thing is it lays next to a very, very beautiful beach. She stayed over one night in that village. She wore like normal people, so nobody in the village knew she was a princess. However, they are friendly and nice. They are welcome to every guest that visits their magnificent home. After resting, the princess decided to continue on her journey. She embarked into looking for new places in her kingdom. She found out that there are many poor people in her country. She started crying and understand for their life. She wanted to help every single person who was in-need of help, but she was not able to. That was sad. She told to the King to let her go to the orphanage and help them. Believe me, orphanages in her country are poor and bad-condition, She went about ten orphanages and bought for the kids diapers, milk, food and toys. Time was over. She had to go back to rainy Seattle in regret because she couldn’t help for her kingdom much.

  14. Once Upon A time, A Queen set out on a journey to a far away land across the sea. This land was called Japan. This land was her home, and she had been wanting to go home and visit her family for a long time. She did not want to travel alone, so she took her two daughters with her. (who were also princesses) The King however could not travel with her because he and his army had just fought a war between another far away land. The king needed all the rest he could get so he decided to stay and watch over the kingdom. This journey took a couple of days and the journey was fine. After a long journey, the Queen and her daughters made it to Japan. The Queen’s sister named Junko was the Duchess of a province called Chiba. The Duchess had a dark brown castle that had cherry blossoms all around it. She had a guard dog named Peace and he would protect the duchess if any harm came to her. The Queen embraced her sister and the rest of the family and they had a huge party. After the parties, the Queen and her daughters spent there time shopping and going to many feasts where chefs served seafood. The Princesses went to a city called Tokyo and many people were there to greet the Queen and princesses. Many Weeks went by, and the Queen and her daughters had to go back to their land. The Queen said goodbye to her family, and they went off. Now, the journey back was a little troublesome. There were many different roads to take and the Queen did not know which road to take. Finally, the older princess decided to follow the yellow brick road, since yellow was her favorite color. The Queen, and the younger princess followed, and all was well. As they were walking, the weather changed. It was stormy and windy, and they did not know what to do. Suddenly out of the open, a huge hole came out right in front of them. The Queen and her daughters were frightened and they realized it was a portal to another realm. They tried to escape but they already got sucked into the portal. They landed into and enchanted forest, a land they were not familiar with. The Queen and her daughters were stuck in this forest for one day, until a fairy came by and asked them what had happened. The Queen explained that she and her daughters were coming back from Japan and they got sucked into a portal and they have know idea how to get out of this forest. Luckily the fairy gave them magic dust and told the Queen and princesses to sprinkle the fairy dust on them and think in their head about where they wanted to go. So the Queen and the princesses did exactly what they were told, and before they knew it they were home! The Queen saw her castle right in front of her and she was happy and overjoyed. The Queen rushed into the castle and embraced the King, because she was so happy to see her husband again. The older princess vowed to never decide on what path to go on, for she will make a mistake and she does not want the Queen and her sister to go through that again. Everyone was happy and the rest of the summer concluded with resting and feasts. The End

  15. jkbetti says:

    Long ago in a faraway land, there thrived a youthful, yet typical, unspoken girl. She had great powers, undetected by the world yet naked to the girl. Was it pure unlucky chance that she- a mere Cyborg butler- could possess the ungodly power of making an insignificant doodle come to life? She yearned to expose this great gift to those who she spent her long summer days with, but instead resorting to keep to herself in the turtle shell of a room she called her safe haven. The girl, unlike most of her house hold, preferred the shelter and comfort of the arts; allowing them consume her in what little free time she received, she would wrap the day in sound and color symphony. T’wuz the eve of the child’s golden birthday and all throughout the fields that engulfed her house, lords and ladies from all around the Sound Garden, awaited her to expose what she would release into their presence. However being a Cyborg butler has its burdens: everyone depends on you, expects successes, and implies trust. She desired freedom and creativity, along with humor and sarcasm. So at the eve of the night the butler gave a sigh and leapt out from her turtle shell she had called her home, she was free and so were her friends. “This truly is a golden day to be 18…” she chanted as they received her art work and music. A golden day indeed.

  16. Brooke Fornerette says:

    Once upon a time, in a land far far away known to most people as Mexico, is where an Amazon princess navigated to. A short while ago on a midsummer morning around three am is when the Amazon princess woke up from her beauty sleep. She then rushed to get ready, for she had a plane to catch. On her way to the airport she had a wacky taxi driver with an outfit from back in the middle ages. This crazy taxi driver also lost her luggage on the way to the airport! It sure was an insane few hours. That is for sure! Once she finally arrived to the airport she went through the whole process and got on the plane ride after. She went from Seattle, Washington to Los Angles, California and from there she went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is on the lower west coast of Mexico. Further along when this Amazon princess got off the plane and went through customs, she then went to go find a taxi to go to her hotel. On her way to go find this taxi there were several sales people, as she went through all this to quickly find the door she felt like a celebrity with all the people going crazy over her. She soon arrived at her hotel with greeters at the front door who opened the car door for her as well. After getting settled in, in her palace she got ready to go for a swim. In the pool was a bar where she ordered food and got to eat it at the table in the pool. Days went on and she experienced new things, a new language, and new adventures. She had a wonderful time learning a new culture. Her vacation rapidly came to and she was exhausted by then. This Amazon princess could honestly say that she had a fantastic time and came home tanner than ever! The end (:

  17. Violett says:

    Once upon a time, in a land far away there was a girl named Violett, who had never been very far away from home. She had a wonderful feeling this would be her summertime of travels and unforgettable adventures. I all started out with her trip to the other side of the lands. The only way to get to these wonderful lands was to get a travel potion from the black market. Not only did Violett assume she would have to pay tramendously she never suspected to get to go with no reprocussions. Violett recieved the potion as a gift from her mother and got to see part of the world she had always dreamed of seeing. although she was nervous as she had never talkem a travel potiion before she tried to relax and knew it would be all right. When she arrived on the eastern sea line of the country she couldnt believe how different it was. Everything from the mannerisms of the people to the giant cottages built everywhere. It was the most beautiful land she had every seen. She traveled the towns with her cottage mates only getting in the occasional qurral. One part she will never ever forget was the show they got to see in a town called ye old york in the town center called broadway. You see Violett had always dreamed of performing in front of large crowds and getting to see such an amazing show in a town famous for their plays was an opportunity she cannot wait to get again. The group walked over miles and miles of land to expirience beautiful pieces of art, amazing cottages, history of the towns, and of course each others company. It was the greatest adventure she had taken in her young life and while she was glad to be home with her family she could not wait to see what life would have in store for her

  18. Maddie Hickcox says:

    Once upon a time there lived a princess named Maddie who loved to travel and explore nature. Traveling gave Princes Maddie a way to escape the busy life of living in the castle. Being in nature and smelling the fresh air was a great feeling compared to being stuck in the stuffy castle, not able to breathe in the truest fresh air. One day Princess Maddie’s father surprised herself, her step- brother and step- sister with an adventure into the woods where they could fish and go on exciting adventures. The whole family loved to fish but some became jealous when Princess Maddie was the only one to catch a fish. Everyone’s mood was soured once it started to rain, but Princess Maddie’s mood was still filled with pride and excitement. The next adventure had everyone happy. It was trail that led to a cave. This cave was pitch black, making it impossible to see. Getting through the cave with everyone was challenging but it was done with lots of laughs. After the cave, Princess Maddie and her step- brother continued on, climbing rocks to see what was on the other side of the pile of rocks. There was a beautiful waterfall that was almost magic like with the crystal clear water and the calmness of the pool that the waterfall fed to. It was just magnificent, leaving Princess Maddie speechless. After the waterfall Princess Maddie and her family had to return back to the castle and into their crazy lives once again. Throughout this adventure, Princess Maddie bonded with her family and became much more connected with them.

  19. Heather Wu says:

    Dawn was breaking but the sky was still dark, covered by storm clouds. The wind howled and rain came crashing down onto the earth below. This storm was nothing out of the ordinary for the small kingdom of Tukwila. Tukwila was a small kingdoom, often forgotten if it were not for the great and popular gathering place called Southcenter. There, on the small hill near Southcenter, lived a young maiden, seventeen years of age. Normally she would be sound asleep at this ungodly hour but not on this particular summer day. She was in her room preparing for a quest to the faraway land of Chiba, Japan, all the while listening to the rain tapping against her bedroom window. The young maiden’s name was Heather and she could not wait to see her family in Japan once again. Soon after she had prepared for the journey, she took off with her parents and was on her way. The plane ride there was a long and filled with interesting people. A multitude of people from near and far came onto the plane. There were businessmen, punk rockers, tourists, and many others. Finally, after ten hours of flying, Heather and her parents went to the kingdom of Chiba. There she stayed at her aunt and uncle’s house and enjoyed a feast complete with all of her favorite food. Her father was the prince of the family and was loved by everyone. However, being the prince came with a price: he was to keep the peace among his sisters who have been feuding with each other ever since Heather could remember. As a result, part of the journey was spent with her aunt Junko and the other part with Kotoko. During her free time,Heather and her parents wandered around the kingdoms of Chiba, Kobe, Nagasaki, Yokohama, and Toba. Chiba is where Junko resided and Kobe is where Kotoko called home. Heather and her parents when to Nagasaki to visit the bomb museum and the peace park. Then they traveled to Yokohama to go to the beloved Ramen Museum to eat several bowls of delicious ramen. In Toba they went to Mikimoto pearls and saw a pearl diving demonstration. It was extremely interesting and everyone had a wonderful time. Near the end of their visit they returned to the kingdom of Chiba where Heather met up with her good friend Lady in Training, Emily Vandenberg. Together they traveled the kingdom and had the best time. Sadly, the following day Heather was needed back home in the kingdom of Tukwila. In the end, Heather and her family had an amazing time together and are anticipating the next time they shall all meet again.

  20. John Pham says:

    One day in the summer a young man was on a journey to obtain the coldest ice cubes in existence because he was very hot. The young man first journey to the equator thinking that closer it is to the center the cooler it will be. It took the man about three week to reach the equator. When the young man got there it was too warm for him to stay there and he thought there is no way an ice cube can be here so he ask some foreign if they know directions to get the coldest ice cube. The foreign said to go to the desert but the young man said that that impossible because ice melt in heat but the foreign said no it’s the opposite because it is opposite day. So the young man continued his journey to the desert to find the cube. He made half way into the desert before passing out because of the heat. A bird saved him and told him that the cube he was searching for was in Antarctica. The young man ask the bird how did he knew he was searching for the cube and the bird said the wind knows all. So the man went to Antarctica and got the ice cube and when home. He used the cube to cool of a soda for him to drink.

  21. AC says:

    Once upon a time, in a land not far from here, there lived a young girl by the name of Ann. Ann was amazingly tall and everything she did was amazing. One summer evening when the sun was high and many were in, passing the hours away sitting in front of magical box full of magical other times and places, particularly a place of sportsmanship and merriment, young Ann set out on an epic adventure using a form of wheeled transportation that lacked a motor. This particular day was kissed with summer heat yet still blessed with the gentle winds’ blow. Upon departure, beautiful Ann pushed off from the top of a not so steep decline of altitude and was off. Soon after Miss Ann’s exquisite withdrawal from the top, a tragically horrible, fire breathing, motored enemy of steal approached her at tremendous and aggressive speeds aided by the ancient Pixies of Force. Attempting to tame the metal beast with her miraculous charm, Ann cast her most famous spells upon her wooden steed and, as if under a spell, the un-motored ziggle changed its previous decisions of voyaging onward and redirected into a metal motor monster home, a cave. Quickly, the metal demon fluttered away into the brightness of day and poor Ann, strewn in the portal between the home of another motor beast and the slightly slanted meadow of concrete, still un-conquested. Sadly, young Ann, in the midst of her great adventure, abandons the hope of descending the decline and goes to sleep, never to be heard from again.

  22. Jacob Dailey says:

    On one elegant summer vacation spent in the mysterious and wonderful land of lake chelan. A young knight journeyed far and wide in order to spend a a long week with his wonderful princess. They journeyed together with the princesses family and stayed in a small castle on the edge of the water. They spent endless hours together and shared meals in their elegant kitchen. The water was calm and blue and quite pristine at all times of the day. They had a small raft with some sort of contraption tht propelled the vessel forward. Life was good and they were happy for days. Until a terrible afternoon when they had rented small water vessels by the name of “Jet-Skis” and a storm rolled in. The skies were black and thunder cracked while they were on the water and they were left to spend the rest of their trip inside always from the storm. On the return the young knight spent many days with his fair maidens and also adventured the mystical lands of buriens with his knight clan. They caused much trouble as it was nearing their return to their training as scholars. The young knight did as much as he could and he spent many days bettering his strength and becoming more agile. The knight had written his long scroll required to return to his studies and was eager to resume his learning. He imagined a magical year full of wisdom and new strengths in the strange land of Burien. Although his vacations were few he could not regret moments of his break as it was all a wondrous time spent doing things that he loved. As the new year approached the young knight and his clan returned to their scholarly activities and even though the days were filled with studies the clan continued to cause their regular troubles and enjoy their last winter together before they are recruited to different higher level scholar programs around the land. They move forward with their lives. Ever cautious. Ever fearing. Always excited and ready for new adventure.

  23. Alex Sheardown says:

    The Wandering Boy
    A long time ago there lived a young boy. Who never knew a home and spent his days wandering across the world. Often finding many wonders that made a place in his heart each unique and special. Like a dazzling gem all of different shapes and sizes. But, one day the boy found something new. An old run down house worth a little over a couple hundred (dollars US). The boy looked at the house and saw not a gem but a pile of sand on top of a mound of dirt. The boy walked onward continuing his travels seeing more of the worlds beauty.
    For many years the boy traveled from place to place never staying in one for long. The boy never forgot that long-standing house sitting on top of a pile of dirt. The boy began to grow old losing that sense of curiosity and strength that felt so familiarly as a child. One day the man(or the kid) pondered a thought. He wondered what would happen to him when he gets old and he couldn’t what he loved. This terrified the man this idea that all he had seen would one day equate to nothing and all would be forgotten. The man began to unravel as the thought of this occurred over and over again.
    The man desperately tried to look for a better way alas there was nothing to stop the inevitable. The man began to stop traveling and started to just blow around kind of like a tumble weed with no rhyme or reason often only getting up to eat and drink just a little bit. The man knew time destroys all so what was the point of living he thought to himself half heartedly. As the man began to move around looking for a place to stay he found himself close to that old house on a pile of dirt. He decided to see it one last time before he stopped traveling forever. While looking at that house the man began to think of what made this house important and why after all this time that house hadn’t been demolished to make room for something else.
    Then it began to rain the man ran into the house to stop from freezing to death. After looking around for a light switch after several minutes he finally found one after turning the lights on the man began to look around the house and see the old wood walls and musty furniture which hasn’t been touched in what seemed like eons. The house was warm and somewhat comfortable the man over come with exhaustion was taken by sleep. After sleeping the night away the man awoke to a bright light shining through a small window on a door that went outside to the backyard. Like a child, the man went to the door to see what the light was.
    After opening that door he shattered into tears and s fell to his knees on the wet grass as he looked at a sunrise that peeked over a mountain and shined lights of bright vibrant colors orange so golden that it bathed everything it touched in a ray of splendor, yellow that sparkled of the fresh due ,and finally a red that to this day gave him something he thought he’d lost forever (a sense of wonder). All these colors danced across the lake and off the plants creating a spectacle like none he had ever seen. He stood there in the meadow refusing to move taking in every inch of this moment. The man realized something at that moment after that sunset ended. And that is everything might die and turn to dust but it doesn’t matter life was a gift and even if he were to die in that moment that wouldn’t change a single thing. The earth would keep moving and life would carry on. The beauty of this world is fleeting and sometimes only lasting for a single moment ,but that doesn’t mean it’s pointless because in that moment in that fragment of time and space that man was inspired. He realized that even if those wonders he saw as a kid would eventually fall apart the lives they changed would last for eternity. People would gaze at them if only for a moment and gain something rare and valuable gift. For everyone it’s different it might be a moment of peace, a sign of hope, maybe even a symbol of the power that lays within all living things. That is what makes those wonders special not that their cool looking or impressive no its what it gives the people.
    The end
    After that day the man’s outlook on life changed and he began to see the world again setting off to see even more of the world. But the man decided to make his own little gem first. He bought the house on the pile of dirt and worked to restore the house making it his treasure to show the world. He, pulled weeds from the dirt , replanted the entire garden, he even redid the entire house fixing the old stained wooden floors and adding all new electrical system. The house took several years to finish but that effort left the world another gem. The man lived the rest of his life happily doing what he loved.

  24. kaileemd says:

    Every story has some moral and this one may too if you search long enough. One summer a girl name Eeliak had an uneventful summer. Really, she didn’t do anything! Though somehow she really did. She volunteered every Sunday at an animal shelter with her friend where they would have long discussions about Pewdiepie and Stephano. Eeliak also went to the lake with her friends and managed to only break one thing which in itself is a miracle. Another part of Eeliak’s summer was taken up by her job which she started July 14, the day before her birthday. And what did she do for her birthday, you ask? Eeliak went on an adventure in an forest with Annallee. The forest started like any other, with trees, but as they delved deeper into the forest Eeliak began to notice things out of the corner of her eye. Every time she looked it would be gone but it left a slight glimmer in the air. The flowers were also different, they moved as though dancing though there was no wind. Surely these things couldn’t have been just a coincidence but the human mind is a powerful thing so Eeliak and Annallee ignored the glimmer and dancing. There was one thing that they saw which they could not deny. A Pegasus who oddly enough was named Martha and her pet dog Fidget. When talking to Martha, Eeliak found out that many people knew about these fairy people living in the forest. Upon hearing this Eeliak could only conclude that she had, had a very uneventful summer.

    P.S. I’d like to apologize for turning this blog in twenty minutes late. I got off work at 11:30 and didn’t get home until midnight which is when I remembered I had to write a blog. Once gain I apologize.


  25. tina yuan says:

    In Chinese ancient times, one of the country called Chu has a family, they are ready to sacrifice a jug of wine and rewarded work to help people to drink. Participate in a lot of people, if you drink wine when it is not enough, if people make a drink that drink enjoyment. This jug of wine in the end Who drank it? Everybody quiet down, then it was suggested that: Everyone on the ground a snake, who painted quickly and paint it, put it under his pot of wine drinking. We all think that this approach is good, have agreed to do so.they start to draw the snake on the ground . Someone painted very quickly, a blink of an eye the first to draw well, he would reach for the jug to drink. But he looked back to see the others, still have not painted yet. that people Thought: they paint a really slow. he Want to show his skills, he said triumphantly: “You paint it so slow, I give the snake a few feet is not too late yet!!” So, he put the jug left hand, right hand and took a twig, to snake kicker.
    His feet are painted one side, while talking, another person has been drawn up. The man immediately snatched the jug from his hand, said:?? “Have you ever seen a snake is a snake do not have feet, why do you add feet to give it a good painting snake so the first person is not you, but me! “The man looked up words, he is to drink anymore.
    this story tell us Some people do not try to be smart metaphor, often do extra things, but things do worse .

  26. tinachan0102 says:

    Once upon a time, a girl travel back to her home country. Having stayed in USA for about ten months, she really missed her family and friends. When she arrived home, both her family and her were crying tears of joy. They went on a trip to China, Macao, and Hong Kong for five days. The family had planned this trip for a half year, finally the girl was backed home. The vacation was awesome, they went to Hong Kong Disneyland, it was the girl’s favorite part in this trip. And They had a really good time during this vacation. After back to her home country again, the girl spent most of her time hang out with her friends and families because they cannot see each other for about ten months when she goes back to where she was. They went to watch movies, ice skating, bowling, and of course study also. The girl only have two months to spent with her friends and family, so she really cherish the time they spent together and do things that would be very memorable after the separate again! When the two months has passed so fast, the girl went back to where she was and study. She miss her home, family, and friends the minute she go on the airplane. But the girl is a strong and independent person. She just cannot wait for the next trip to go back to her home country again!

  27. Hayley Clement says:

    Once upon a time there was a girl wandering the on the streets looking for a place to work. She had been wandering for days and days going through many cities. Eventually she went to a city called Westhire and found a poster on the local fruit store that the King and queen had posted saying “We are in need of help in our castle. If you are interested come by and we will put you to work”. Thinking that it was her only option to get a job and pay for her food for her horses and everything else she needed, she made her way to the castle. When the girl got to the castle she met the king and queen and they gladly gave her the job. At first she loved the job. She worked full time got paid well and even got a raise. Then the king and queen hired 4 more employees that were older than her. When the king and queen did that they told the girl the instead of working three to five days a week that she was only going to be working two days a week. The girl thought that the other people that the king and queen hired were going to get the same hours as her, but she was wrong. Three of the workers worked five days a week. The fourth person that the king and queen hired was only a year older than the girl and got to work 4 days a week. Finding this out made the girl mad. Why should the new workers get more hours than her? The girl thought about this for awhile and decided that when she made enough money she would go back to school and try to get a different job. After months of work the girl made enough money to last her the year and went back to school. Eventually the girl finished school and went on to find a job that she loved, gave her more hours and that she enjoyed more.
    Hayley Clement

  28. David Herman says:

    Once there was a young man who was truly unlucky. He foolishly crashed his car into a lamppost and was charged a total of $1600 to pay for the damages. He decided to get a job to put a dent into his debt and settled upon the pizzaria Papa John’s. He started off as a lowly in-store restricted to answering phones and taking orders but soon progressed learning all tricks of trade. He learned how to top pizzas with speed and accuracy, recycle trays, and most importantly edge-lock and slap the dough with undoubtable perfection. Respected amongst his peers he has earned more shifts and gained authority. Now, just a few months later, his debt has been paid and he remains at Papa John’s to make endless amounts of money for seemingly no purpose.

  29. Lukas says:

    Once upon a time there was a boy named Lukas. Lukas lived in the earth kingdom where the earth benders ruled. Lukas never quite fit in with these benders, he always felt himself drawn to water. He was already an earth bender so he knew he could not become a water bender as well because the Avatar is the only person on the entire planet that can bend more than one element, he can bend all four as a matter of fact. As the school year came to an end Lukas looked forward to another average summer where nothing excited would happen as usual. Lukas was wrong however. After his last day of high school his teachers help him back to speak with him. They told him that he was next in line to be the Avatar and the current Avatar was in a very sickly state. He was very excited to receive such great news. He was ecstatic to finally have adventurous summer. Lukas was an average boy leading an average life up until this point. He knew he was destined for greatness and wanted to achieve it. Before Lukas could be trained in all four elements the Fire Nation attacked. Lukas now had to lead the sovereign nations through a World War. He was quickly put in charge of what little army the earth kingdom, water tribe and air nomads had and was tasked with a near impossible feat, defeat the daunting fire nation. Being only a boy he made many errors and nearly lost the war. There was only a small resistance left to fight the fire nation. No matter how many small victories the small resistance gained Lukas knew the only way to end the war was to kill the Firelord. This was something he did not wish to do but he knew he must to restore peace to the world. Lukas ambushed Firelord Ozi in his bed chamber where a battle of epic preportion took place. It was a long and grueling fight that Lukas nearly lost a plethora of times but in the end he stood victorious thus ending the war and restoring peace to the world.

  30. Miranda Warner says:

    Far far away, there was a mysterious and scorching land named Texas. Texas and the big burning circle, commonly known as the sun, were more than aquentances. The Sun and Texas were the best of friends. One day, a family of four gnomes left their lovely home of Seattle to this mystic land which they call Texas. These gnomes were a crazy bunch. Four girls full of spunk and energy all bottled up into one family. Mama Susan gnome, Miranda gnome, Hollie gnome, and Emily gnome. Let’s just say that these lady gnomes liked to have fun, even if that meant breaking the rules and decorating their lovely hats with bows and glitter. While papa gnome worked back at home, the four girls left. As soon as they walked ceramic foot on that scorching Texas ground, it was obvious that Sun and Texas were best friends. Clearly, Seattle and the Sun hate each other. As the trip went on, they dealed through the heat and visited the famous ye old University of Texas. Miranda gnome was in love with the school and hoped to go there in the future to learn how to make it big on how to be the best gnome there is. Maybe even making as a gnome in Beyonce’s yard one day. The next days the gnome family had loads of fun, even getting to ride on a mystical creature called a horse. The gnome family was saddened to return to the Sun’s enemy and their home, Seattle. The gnome family lived happily ever after, the end.

  31. Jake Ryerson says:

    Once upon a time a boy named Jake embarked on a trek to a far, far away land in the land of the ports (Seattle to Portland). He got onto interstate five and began his adventure. The drive down went as planned but as the dusk set in he started to head home. Around mile post 25 just outside of Vancouver, he had a dangerous encounter. A Subaru Baja in the lane to his right was carrying a fiberglass row boat roughly 15 feet long and just as wide as the Subaru it was on top of. The traffic was minimal and all vehicles were going freeway speed. The row boat on top of the Subaru caught air and flew off of the top. It went around four or five stories into the air and came into Jake’s lane. Jake had no other option than to come to a stop. He was worried that the other drivers would not see him and they would rear end him. Luckily, the other drivers saw him stop and they stopped as well. Jake called the police and told them about the boat being on the highway and they came to clear it out. Fortunate for Jake, he was paying attention and saw the boat fly up into the air. He now knows that paying attention to all of his surroundings is vital to his safety.

    Jake Ryerson

  32. Alex Sheardown says:

    Write three six-word summaries and put the title of the book or movie in parentheses at the end. If stuck for inspiration, try doing this for your summer read book, Stardust, and Eleanor & Park.

    Handsome thief steal a princess heart

    “The Pink Panther”
    Comical detective finds rock not panthers

    “Eleanor & Park”
    Two teens in love break up

    “Lego movie”
    Spaceship spaceship spaceship Spaceship spaceship spaceship
    worker batman uni-kitty wizard space ships

    “Beetle Juice”
    Ghost are people too the end

    Amazingly funny watch it right now!

    “Steve ventura pet detective ”
    Pets being kidnaped and rescued hilarious

  33. Alex Sheardown says:

    I am the Dolphelant, and this my story. Hundreds of years ago I was born to a loving mom, and dad who were always there for me as I went through my life tripping, and falling as dolphelant do. Naturally we stumble landing on our trunks, but by some strange magic we stand back up. Me and my people were happy until one day the humans came to our land. At first they came with gifts then war was next everything was gone ,but I survived. The last of the Dolphelants.

  34. Jordan says:

    Once upon a time there was a princess named Jordan. Her entire life her mom wanted her to grow up and be a queen. But princess Jordan never wanted to be a queen and her mom knew that and she sat back, proud. One day the princess’ aunt visited from a land far far away called Oklahoma. The princess’ aunt is a beautiful successful nurse practitioner. As her aunt was telling the magical stories of saving people’s lives princess Jordan began to drool with envy. Her aunt noticed and asked, “would you like to fly back with me for he summer?” and the princess immediately shouted, “yes!”. The next week princess Jordan embarked on her journey to the magical land of Oklahoma. She quickly learned to love the land, the people, and found her true love: the medical field.

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