This I Believe


In preparation for those dreaded college personal statements, I’d like you to work on a brief version now. What is important to you?  What makes you who you are and unique from others? Write a Personal Mission Statement reflecting your beliefs and values – remember to be brief (less than 200 words)!

Due Friday September 19, 2014


30 comments on “This I Believe

  1. tina yuan says:

    For me the important things are my family and persistence , because my family makes me who I am , other thing make me important are need to be do by myself . Everyone are unique , we are all different by looking , surrounding , personality . my parents give me life ,teach me take care of me , when I have something feel not good they will support , always tell me trust yourself .they chage me , teach me to be ture and honest . other important to me are persistence . I always believe that do not give up and try to stick with one thing can be make me successful .for example ,two years ago I was 175 pounds , I realize I need to lose weight , so I tried to do that , it was not easy for me but I never give up , I know everthing it will be hard but if you keep doing it , everything will get done and easy , right now I total lose 32 pounds . even I had hard time to lose weight but my family support me and I tell myself do not give up . For me to do everything for yourself is valuable. Just been convinced that you can succeed .

  2. Jacob Dailey says:

    In my life I would consider individuality to be a big part of my life. Most of my life people have known my parents and I’ve followed my sister through schools. I am always compared to my family and I have been called “another Dailey”, and yet I do not believe that I am just another Dailey. I am different than the rest of my family and I don’t focus on following in the footsteps of my family members. Coming to Kennedy everyone knew my family all the way back to my grandparents. People expected me to be like them. I don’t have any intention of being what I am expected to be. Maybe I will be better maybe I will be worse. Other peoples opinions of me do not really matter to me. I hope to be my own person and do what I want to do. My life is my life

  3. Makenzie Wanchena says:

    My Family, compassion, and humor is most important to me. I grew up in a family that taught me to respect others feelings, and be the person to lend a helping hand to those in need. I always put others before myself. I enjoy helping out those who need it, and will always try my best. I am a caring person and recognize the feeligns of those around me. I love to live life to the fullest. I have a great sense of humor that I love to share with those around me. When my friends are feeling low, i share a corny joke to cheer them up. I put my best work forward and try my best all while I am enjoying life to the fullest.

  4. Brooke Fornerette says:

    I could write a big long list about things that are important to me in life, but one of my main focuses is being myself along with kindness. As a seventeen year old in high school, people my age struggle with individuality, who they are, and who they should be. Why would anyone want to be like anyone else? Personally I want to be different from others. Just because everyone else has something or does a certain activity, why should I have to? I am happy with myself and if people cannot love me for me then why should they be my friend. Kindness is also something that I strive to be every day. I simple kind action or a few kind words can completely change someone’s attitude or their day. I certainly love impacting someone’s day. I strongly believe that with kindness it can take you a very long way in life. I am different from others because I am a teenage girl who is perfectly fine with being herself and does not feel the need to act like someone else. I value kindness hugely. I prove people wrong all the time when they think I am mean because I am pretty. Once people get to know me or have a simple conversation with me they say I am one of the nicest girls they have ever met. So yes I will keep proving people wrong. Being yourself and being a kind person are my two core beliefs.

  5. Meghan says:

    In my life there a lot of things I find important or unique to myself. But one of the biggest things that has become more of my identity is be open to everyone and respecting them no matter what. I have faced a lot of problems in my life where people expected me to choose one side, who I liked and who I hated. But I could never choose and most times I spent it in the center, never hating them but not particularly being fond of them. It’s my belief that no matter how someone treats you, you should never hate them. Everyone has a story, a background that you could never understand. And as the years have gone by, I’ve learned though this may be true, I also don’t have to stick around to be treated badly. I can still love others, while protecting myself.

  6. There are many things that are important in my life. In my senior year, accomplishing my goals are important to me right now. I have been stressing out about college, and what my major will be. I have not been the best when it comes to being positive and working hard on your goals. Why would someone complain if they’re not trying hard enough to accomplish their goals or dreams? Sometimes I would look at my grades and think that they are not good enough for a certain college that I want to go to. Instead of thinking negative thoughts, I have been trying to be positive and working hard for my goals. It is never to late accomplish your goals. Having a low self-esteem can be a problem too. It can drain you down and make your not work hard enough on your goals. That is why I take little steps and as those steps grow, I will be closer to accomplish my goals in the future. It’s all about being positive and working hard If you want it.

  7. Christian Bell says:

    There are only three things in this world that truly matter to me. God, family and friends. Because those are the only beings who know you, care about you and in the end, will remember you when you are gone. God created everyone to be special. But what really makes me unique from everyone else is my spirit. I’ve been through a lot these past few years and anyone else in my position might have thrown in the towel. But I refuse to give up. I won’t let anyone or anything break me or ruin my happiness and that is something special

  8. Daniel Lee says:

    Most people think that my unique feature is my culture, which is a bit cliché. I think my unique feature is optimism. There are always obstacles that people have to surmount to accomplish their goals. Some people may be stressed out and give up, other, however, may endure hardships and eventually see the result that they have desired. I, who is quite optimistic, always endeavor and crave for the happy consequence, because catharsis of achievements cannot be compared to that of any other values. For example, happiness I felt from my academic improvement is unforgettable. Since I never applied myself both in my freshmen and first semester of sophomore years, a huge academic improvement in my junior year changed my attitude. Since then, I started not to be any challenges I encounter, because I always believe and imagine myself enduring arduous tasks. Therefore, the special feature I have is acting optimistically.

    • Dave Herman says:

      There are many things in my life that I would consider important but probably the most unique thing is music. I would be confident in saying that I enjoy listening and playing music more than most people. I love discovering new bands, styles, or genres. I love researching my favorite bands just to learn small facts about them. I love to learn about the development of music throughout the years. I don’t think I know anyone who enjoys doing that. I also think that it is unique for me, as a musician, to prefer listening to music over playing an instrument. For some reason I believe that inspiration and influence is more important than actual sitting down and writing something. All in all I think music is probably the largest part of my life.

  9. bett15 says:

    Most start their lives in a hospital and that is the end of that chapter in their lives. However, I never really left the hospital, when I was younger I saw it as a hospital, now I see it as another home and a place to serve. I believe that if one can save a life, then what do the others do? I serve to say thank you to the multitude of doctors who still have me under a CT scanner trying to put my pieces together. For a while I saw myself as a mistake and a question mark, and to be honest, I still do but that doesn’t mean I am alien. I take pride in my uniqueness since I have to put up with it all the time. It’s what is on the inside that counts, and I’m not talking about bone structure or muscle tone, I’m talking about personality, humor, and passion… because it is what your core is that defines you.

  10. Carol Githinji says:

    To me, there is a lot of things which are important to me but the one that makes me is hope. Without hope, i would never reach as high as I do.My hope in my future and what it holds for me. My hope in good things when bad things are the only ones I experience. Hope is the only difference between me and the person who silently wishes that they held on. I was always taught to “live for today and hope for tomorrow”. We all seem to be like butterflies, never really noticing our wings. Waiting for others to reassure us just so we can continue on strongly. Life is definitely a way for us to grow, to be knocked down and to be rebuilt up. For me,hope is voice that tells me to try harder.

  11. Evan says:

    I believe that as long as I can stay positive and continue to work hard I will always be able to do what I love doing. I prefer staying one or two steps behind the curve. My distance from reality and the “hoops” of life give me time to react and be methodical and efficient in how I handle events in my life. While I respect those with the audacity to dive headlong into life’s issues, I know that the way I do things now allows me to keep the important things close. My happiness and the happiness of those in my immediate vicinity is what matters to me most. If I can make those around me happy that fulfills just about every purpose of my life.

  12. Rachel says:

    There are many things that are important to me and I have many beliefs for my life. I think it is valuable to have a positive outlook throughout life. It is important to take any situation and put an optimistic spin on it. Negativity does not help you get far in life because it keeps you from reaching your full potential. This is part of why I am who I am today. My mom always encouraged me to be happy and positive in any hardships I faced. I also think it is important to give your all in any situation. Whether you are playing a sport or in school, it is essential to work hard and do your best in order to reach your full potential. Be yourself is also good advice to follow. Trying to be different is pointless when each of us is unique and has our own talents that we can share with others. These are just a few examples of what is important to me.

  13. Heather Wu says:

    My family and friends are extremely important to me. Before I moved here I lived in Florida with my mom. We moved every year and I changed schools every year. I left my old friends and made new ones every single year. But what I learned was to never take anything or anyone for granted. I learned to treasure every moment I have with my family and friends because I never knew if or when something would happen and I would never see them again. When I was nine there was a tragedy in the family and I moved from Florida to live with my dad here in Washington. I have dealt with many hardships in my life but my ability to make it through and still stay strong and positive is my unique quality. I could have chosen to break down and give up but I know that doing that would not help me so I kept moving forward. Now, every time I am faced with a difficult situation I know that I can make it through. My friends and my family are always there for me and have helped me so much which is why they are so important to me.

  14. dinhlinh44 says:

    In my life, my friends is very important to me. Almost all of my years in Elementary and Middle School, I had no friends; I sit alone at the lunch table, I do my work independently, and almost every recess, I would wander the blacktop by myself. At my high-school years, I’ve found many friends, some silly, some supportive and some help me when really needed. Because of the trauma of loneliness in life, I value every moment together with everyone in my high-school career. What makes me very unique from others is my imagination. Many people say that this is a common excuse for uniqueness in one’s self but I tend to morph things in my mind in a special manner. I always ask and picture “what would a clock be if it was a person or a living thing?” or what would a intangible concept be if made human or made into a living being…So to me, my friends is equally important to my family and my imagination or humanization concept is my most unique trait.

  15. Tammy says:

    The most important thing in my life is family. I did not recognize how much important family to me until the day I got here. Although I only see my mom through a small cell phone’s screen but I can feel my family’s love and they encourage me everyday. The second important thing that is people around me, because they are a part of who am I in the present. This social taught me a lot of precious life’s experiences and lessons that I can apply in my life. People always judging and I cannot please all of them so I decided to be myself rather than be the one people want me to be. I am unique from everyone in this entire world and I am proud about it. I love who I am now and I will try to be a better person everyday.

  16. Ryan Batterberry says:

    There are a lot of values and beliefs that I believe are principal in today’s society, but most importantly I think that treating others the way you want to be treated is a way of life that everybody should follow. Realistically we are all humans and are not perfect, but if made a concerted effort to treat everyone with dignity and respect, this world would be a much improved place. It may sound cliché but if we thought about the things we say to people sometimes, we might be able to reflect it onto ourselves and realize that it was not so nice. I would also consider perseverance as a value well worth having. Life is not always going to be easy, and for the most part is very stressful; but if you are able to persevere through adversity that is what makes truly great people. There is not anyone in the world that has not had adversity to overcome, nor has any soldier come home from war without a story of triumph to tell. Life is about persevering even when times are rough and being and to say that you are a stronger person now because of it.

  17. Alex Sheardown says:

    If I had to narrow down everything in my life and name the most important part it would be my parents . They have given me an amazing life that has allowed me to travel all across the planet and see its many beauties. This has given me a stronger perception on this world and that make me different then just about anybody. My mission in life is to take the opportunities that I’d been given in and make the absolute most of it. I plan to do this by making changes to this world that can be remembered for ever. I see a world of possibilities and great innovations and it’s my dream is to add on to this world. In order to achieve my goals I’ll hold a vast amount of values these include respect, determination, hard work, and confidence to name a few.

  18. Violett says:

    I believe that what makes me most unique is my willingness to learn. Ever since i was a small child i have had a passion for learning and discovering new things, because of this I ended up learning to read by the time i was 3 and went into school a full year early. I always perserver to learn. Every chance i get to learn how to overcome a new obstacle or even just obtain information I jump on the chance. I really love reading specifically because there is so much information to absorb and learn through the millions of books you casn read. Ever since i was a small child i have found myself flying through reading material in order to remember as much information as possible. This is unique i believe because no one in my family ever pressured me to read or forced me to learn. I have always been a natural information sponge and loved to take in as much information as possible. This benefits me in life because i am always prepared to take on new challenges with an open mind.

  19. Nils Gollersrud says:

    This sounds really wrong, but I place a great deal of value on my laziness. My work ethic is to put the least amount of work in possible to get the greatest results. That sounds extremely contradictory, but for me it works. One of the best examples of my this is my ability to procrastinate. While some view this as a weakness of theirs, I see this as a strength. I like to call myself a “pro-crastinator”, because I have plenty of experience procrastinating and successfully completing many school projects and papers. I usually wait until the last minute (or three, as the case with an essay for VanderPlas’ class one time) to complete an assignment, and actually end up doing well on it. Procrastination is an effective method for me because helps me to focus less time working on something until when I really need to do it. My methods may seem rather unconventional, but for me they have helped me get to where I am now.

  20. John Pham says:

    What I value most is my belief. My belief is to never stray from my path and to cast aside all obstacle in my way. No matter what happen to me, I will stay true to myself and go a straight path to my goal. I am different from other people because of how I never stray from my path. There are many people in the world who try to become someone else or stray from their own path. I am always true to myself because I don’t like being swayed by lies. I am I and nobody else.

  21. kaileemd says:

    I value the people in my life. I honestly don’t think I could survive without my friends and family. There was a point in my life when I had worse social skills than I have now. I couldn’t seem to say the right thing or do something the correct way so I started to think of myself as a solitary person and pushed people away. I hated my life, every day I had to watch others talk and interact while I sat alone. I had a few friends as I got older but there was never a huge change until my sophomore year at Kennedy. Suddenly I started making new friends, in the next few months I continued making friends and for me it was the most wonderful thing because I am not a solitary person like I thought I was. My whole life has changed and I hope it will keep changing for the better.

  22. Andrea Z says:

    In my life, I consider my family, my home, and my education to be the most important things. Just knowing that there are many people over the world who are less fortunate helps me to be grateful for what I have. One thing I see in myself that I consider to be unique is my strong will to care for others. Many times in a person’s life, he or she will make decisions based on what benefits them, rather than thinking about others. However, a personal goal of mine is to put myself into other people’s situations so that I can understand how my choice of words and actions will affect the people around me. There always seems to be an opportunity for me each day to achieve this goal, including small efforts such as talking to someone at school who might be sitting alone. I value friendship and family above all because I believe being lonely is one of the worst possible feelings in the world, something I think everyone experiences once in a while. Overall, I find my motivation through the phrase “actions speak louder than words”, and I’d encourage others to do the same.

  23. Andy Wang says:

    In my life so far, my family really play in a significant role in my life. My dad works in Brazil when I wasn’t even born, and he only came to home one time for every three months, thus, it makes me to take my own responsibility and feel comfortable to be able to accomplish the goal by myself. And also, the school I went when I was still in my home also builds my personality in positive way, it helps me to keep my things organized and be creative and always have patient, because there is no such great thing that was made in one day. I always keep that there is no such thing as free in my mind, if I work hard, I shall receive the same value of result. For instance, I took Toefl test twice before, which is a test for international student to apply to the college, first time I did not study for it, I played so hard everyday, and when I got the grade, it wasn’t that good as I aspect, so the next time, I studied harder and asked for help when I was stuck, and the grade was much better than last time. Always be optimistic and work hard are the most valuable things to make my life keep interesting.

  24. Maddie Hi says:

    My family and friends are most important to me. I love spending time with my family hearing stories from the past and making new memories to share in the future. Hanging out with my friends gives me time to relax and just have fun. Most people think I’m quiet or shy because I don’t talk much. My friends and family would probably say the opposite, that I’m loud and opinionated. My friends would also say that I’m weird and sarcastic. To me sarcasm helps lighten people’s moods and makes them laugh. Being weird and saying strange things makes people think I’ve lost my mind, but that usually isn’t the case. I love being able to brighten someone’s day or help them forget the stresses of school or stuff going on outside of school. I do these things because I love to see people laugh and have fun.

  25. tinachan0102 says:

    There are many things that are important to me in my life, for the most important part is definitely my family. First reason is that they are always besides me and support me! They make me who I am as the life lessons I received since I was little. My parents support me to study abroad in US. It was a big decision for my family and myself. And I know that this decision will influence an important part in my life. Second is that my parents are both hard working person, that I learned from them to be a hard working person also. I am like my mother who always take care of people who are around. For myself, to think positively is one of the reasons that make who the person I am now.

  26. AC says:

    What l value most is happiness and love l find that it is a waste to go through life without being happy or without striving for happiness and l believe that happiness comes through love. l wish to spread love and bring happiness.

  27. Jordan says:

    To me the most valuable things in my life are happiness, family, and health. I’ve gone through a lot, but I continue to remind myself not to view those hard times as inconveniences but to view them as experiences. We have one life and it’s all about your experience. I realized that friends, grades, and money won’t get a person very far in life. But true happiness with oneself, family, and health will take someone incredibly far.

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