Six-Word Stories

Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a story in six words.  The result: “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.”  One sentence, with a whole host of implications buried within those six words.  Why weren’t they worn?  Did the baby die?  Was there never a baby?  Whose baby was it/would it have been?  Maybe they were just really super ugly shoes…

As we prepare for NaNoWriMo and 15,000 words of creativity, why don’t you try your hand at brevity for a minute?  In six words exactly write three summaries of movies or books you love.

For example:     Rebellion, survival, fear: the Capitol controls. (Hunger Games)

                            Little man seeks treasure, Smaug loses.  (The Hobbit)

Write three six-word summaries and put the title of the book or movie in parentheses at the end.  If stuck for inspiration, try doing this for your summer read book, Stardust, and Eleanor & Park.

Due Friday October 3rd


27 comments on “Six-Word Stories

  1. Rachel says:

    Shots fired, too many lives taken. (Hate List)

    Cancer kills, young love is dead. (The Fault in Our Stars)

    Live or die, she must decide. (If I stay)

  2. Dave Herman says:

    One teen in search of self. (Catcher in the Rye)
    The dog barked twice; go faster. (The Art of Racing in the Rain)
    Fifteen year old loves the music. (Almost Famous)

  3. Daniel Lee says:

    You don’t really know your neighbor. (To Kill a Mockingbird)

    The Lying is the best excuse. (The Crucible)

    Wife and dog die, Denny overcomes.

  4. Andy Wang says:

    Winter befell. all men must die. ( Game of the throne)
    As above, so below, enter hell. (As above, so below)
    I heard that child doll tossing. (The Conjuring)

  5. Brooke Fornerette says:

    The killer was a high school boy. (Hate List)

    Two men fight, one corrupt government. (Two Guns)

    One problem,Two officers, identity theft. (White Chicks)

  6. Katie-Maureen says:

    Two guys, two uniforms, one lie. (Let’s be Cops)
    Misfit thieves, a family of protectors. (Guardians of the Galaxy)
    Simple man inspires hope through actions. (Forrest Gump)

  7. Hayley Clement says:

    Superheroes, aliens, teamwork, saved the world.(Avengers)
    Princess and ogre fell in love.(Shrek)
    Stranded boys, two leaders, disastrous events.(The Lord of the Flies)
    Hayley Clement

  8. jkbetti says:

    Angry Dad, only hope, lost home. (Star Wars IV)
    Skeleton man, Dublin Ireland, 1942 Bentley (Skulduggery Pleasant)
    How doth the hungry crocodile smile ? (Alice in Wonderland)
    -Betti (Hannah Funfar)

  9. Evan says:

    Boys deal with a changing challenge (Mazerunner)
    A mouse a princess and soup (Despereaux)
    Ruby discovers that she is ugly (Flannery O’Connor’s Revelation)

  10. dinhlinh44 says:

    Archer princess, hates mother, resolve together (Brave)
    Soldier boy, fight, rehabilitate and immigrate (Long Way Gone)
    From old dog to driver prodigy (The Art of Running in the Rain)

  11. tina yuan says:

    Bites by spider, became a hero. (Spider man)
    Cover ears to steal the bell. (Proverbs story)
    Looking for a meteor and fall in love.(Stardust)

  12. AC says:

    Victim of hitler, only he lives (Knight)
    Dragons feared, odd son finds friend (How to Train Your Dragon)
    Beautiful boy, danger to life, love (Twilight)

  13. Meghan R says:

    Confused magical boy, he is coming. (Harry Potter)
    Wolf Eyes, Winter. Human eyes, summer. (Shiver)
    Car accident, lost love, no accident. (Kissed by an Angel)

  14. Jacob Dailey says:

    Stupid Asian, weird girl, love stops (Eleanor & Park)
    Last gunslinger, three doors, jpurney continues. (Drawing of the Three)
    Wall blocks, one crosses, magic awaits (Stardust)

  15. carol g says:

    One summer, secret crush, baseball bat. (Twisted by Laurie Anderson)
    Missing wife, planned murder, lying wife.(Gone girl)
    From loser to social elite, “squip” (Be more chill)

  16. Nils Gollersrud says:

    Assassin loses memory, discovers his identity. (The Bourne Identity)
    Astronaut discovers monolith, becomes Star Child. (2001: A Space Odyssey)
    Russia goes to war, world retaliates. (Red Storm Rising)

  17. Andrea Z says:

    School shooting, isolation, recovery; broad future. (Hate List)
    Friendship sparks relationship; two different worlds. (Eleanor and Park)
    Working for dreams; loss of friend. (Of Mice and Men)

  18. kaileemd says:

    A nephilim meets his first love (City of Bones)
    Unwanted learns how to live (Reilly’s Luck)
    Can a fraternal bond reunite them? (Uncaged)

  19. Heather Wu says:

    Wiped memories, one maze, no solution. (The Maze Runner)
    Ship, captured, pirates, one brave captain. (Captain Phillips)
    Scorched world, horrid disease, no cure. (The Scorch Trials)

  20. Four siblings, four thrones, a lion. (The Chronicles of Narnia)
    One tribute, one arena, one rebellion. (The Hunger Games)
    Long ago, a galaxy far away. (Star Wars)

  21. My Pham says:

    Game, Thomas, the runner, the maze (The maze runner)
    Falling in love with a star. (Star dust)
    Weak solider became an American hero. (Captain American)

  22. John PHam says:

    A school shooting, people hate her (Hate List)
    Batman Fighting crime in Gotham City (Dark Knight)
    Two friends work hard, one dies (Of Mice and Men0

  23. Maddie Hi says:

    Typical sorority blonde, proved everyone wrong. (Legally Blonde)
    Helping hand, tough life, worthy future. (The Blind Side)
    Sweet, innocent, changes drastically, everyone loves. (Grease)

  24. Ryan Batterberry says:

    Fast car, one race, no car. (Need for Speed)
    A boy who’s needs a family. (Blind Side)
    Win the last game, career complete (Moneyball)

  25. Christian Bell says:

    Channing Tatum and explosives, full theaters(21st jump street)
    Zac Efron parties, Seth Rogan joins (Neighbors)
    Love knows no color in Britain (Belle)

  26. tinachan0102 says:

    Boy runners escape from moving maze (The Maze Runner)
    Two teenagers love, fight for cancer (The Fault in Our Stars)
    Andy, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, moving toys (Toy Story)

  27. Jordan says:

    love, life, and mental illness (Silver Lining Playbook)
    Family found their long lost child (Blind Side)
    love of sports, boys, and family (She’s the Man)

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