Sudden Fiction!

What is it?


This Eledolphin…or Dolphelant…or ….  has a story.  Tell this creature’s story in less than 100 words.  Any genre.


Due Friday October 17.


25 comments on “Sudden Fiction!

  1. Evan says:

    A small figure lept from bush to bush breathing hard. It was nearing a large and especially rare eledolphin that was resting by the sea. The figure stopped at a range of 300 meters and settled down pointing a long and hollow apparatus at the majestic creature. Pushing aside the bush the figure carefully aimed down his large sights. Taking a deep breath he pulled the trigger. The projectile flew swiftly out of the gun and hit the eledolphin squarely in the chest. The creature dropped without a sound. A man stood up and raised the rifle in triumph and radioed in backup. on his back in bright yellow letters were the words “Animal Protection Services: Field Unit.”

  2. Meghan says:

    Why did everyone keep laughing at him? Yes, Jerry had his Mother’s face and Father’s body, but didn’t everyone else? He could never understand why so many people pointed and laughed when he was just another kid. Jerry had feelings too, and though most of them were focused on fish and peanuts, he had others too. Ones which were constantly being hurt, especially by Victoria. The most beautiful monkey bird on the planet, why didn’t she love him!? Why didn’t she see the beauty that laid with in his hard exterior?

  3. jkbetti says:

    To those who dwell on physical appearance: notice my smile and look at my strength. To those who dwell on logic you shouldn’t be here, it’s a mythical creature zoo.

  4. Rachel says:

    There have been recent concerns about the Dolphelent becoming a pet in the United States. The Dolphelent has been around ever since the dinosaurs, but has only survived because of its cute dolphin face and elephant like body. This creature can survive on both land and in water which may be why it has been able to survive for so long. It’s becoming a concern that they are being kept as pets. They are sweet and lovable, so it is understandable to why one would love to keep a dolphelent. However, the Dolphelent has caused deaths in the United States, about 100 this year alone. How these Dolphelents have killed their owners is still unknown.

  5. Nils Gollersrud says:

    Why many deaths happen every year involving Dolphelants is unknown. However, there are many proposed speculations as to why this has happened. One possible reason is that humans are the natural prey of Dolphelants. It is unclear why, although Dolphelants are believed to find the taste of human flesh quite appetizing. Another proposed idea is that their primary method of killing humans is to gain their trust by cuddling with them. Then a Dolphelant will wait until the human is asleep, and silently consume them. However, this theory is unreliable, as the lead researcher of Dolphelants died several years ago.

  6. dinhlinh44 says:

    The deal was sealed; she will grant him unimaginable strength and control over water in return, she can control and transform him in any shape or form. After the magic spell was casted, he then became the feared oceanic beast, Tyrius. With a body and strength of a elephant, perks of a dolphin and the power over water, he feels unstoppable, or at least that what he thought. The sorceress transported him to a cave with a underwater lake in the middle cackling “ Now you are my pet! No one can stop me!” He slumps over in sadness.

  7. Christian Bell says:

    “People are cruel doc!” Peter cried. “Old ladies will scream out, What in God’s name is that?! and children yell, it’s a monster and throw peanuts at me.” Peter layed back on the couch and blew his nose into another tissue. “Well, are you a monster?” His therapist questioned. Peter stopped sobbing and glared at him, a deadly fire in his eyes. Then he glanced at the mirror hanging on the wall. A hideous face smiled back at him. “No.”

  8. AC says:

    Steve the dolphilant had always felt different. He had an elephant as a mother and a dolphin as a father and neither the dolphin community nor the elephant community accepted him. He could run and he could swim but all that he truly wanted to do in life was to fly. Sadly, Steve knew since the day he had turned five that he would never fly and so he spent the daylight hours next to the only turnip bush on the beach and wrote his memoirs about his lonely life up until the day that he died a miserable death.

  9. Makenzie says:

    Ernie has never known where he comes from. His mom tells him his dad left when he was young. Everyone looks at him like he doesn’t belong. His mom would tell him, “They’re just jealous they don’t have sonar echolocation, and not as tall”. Ernie thought about his talents. “I want to do something great, like be in a movie!” Ernie said with joy. His mom was worried, but Ernie had what it takes. A few months had gone with no word from Ernie. Then the mom found a DVD addressed for her in the ocean. The title was named “Ernie the Magnificent Dolephant”. The mother screamed and showed everyone in the sea that her son had become famous.

  10. Heather Wu says:

    The Dolphelant is a truly majestic creature. It only appears to those with a pure enough heart which is hard to come by in today’s time. The Dolphelant will only befriend those who have no intention of controlling it. It may not seem like a very powerful creature but not everything is the way it seems. The Dolphelant, being both a land and sea creature, has enormous strength and power over oceans. Long ago, the Dolphelant came into being with the single mission of safeguarding the realm that exists between the land and the ocean. Humans are unable to see this realm but it exists nonetheless. Forever, as long as the Dolphelant lives, the secret realm that maintains the balance in our world will remain safe and sound.

  11. Ryan Batterberry says:

    Eli, was a good kid. He didn’t mean for any harm. But he had cntracted this new disease, a disease that had the possibility of wiping away all man kind. They had to do what they did, they had to kill poor Eli, for he was a much greater risk than any reward. But it was too late, it only took 100 people to contract this epidemic we see for ourselves now. Ebola.

  12. Andy Wang says:

    Dolphelant, an unidentified creature was captured by the US army in Southern Nevada. According to the eyewitness,this Dolphelant was escaped from the US military base, Area 51, but the US government hasn’t confirmed yet. as we all know, Area 51 was considered to be a secret governmental area to do research on UFO, Unidentified flying Object, and thus the US government’s reaction is skeptical.

  13. John Pham says:

    One day the Eledolpin was walking along the lake. Then suddenly he saw a large figure drowning in the lake. The Eledolpin ran into the lake to save the figure. After pulling it out he found out that the figure was a Dolphelant. The Eledolpin was baffled because he thought that there was no such thing as a Dolphelant. Later on they got to know each other and started to like each other. At the end of the year, they decided to swim to the edge of the world.

  14. Hayley Clement says:

    The people that went to the zoo were all tired of seeing the same old animals every time they went. So one family found the suggestion box at the zoo and suggested that they get a new breed of animal. Then the manager of the zoo went through the suggestion box and saw this she got a great idea! He went to the science lab at the zoo and had them create a new breed! Months later the new animal was about to hatch… It was an Eledolphin! The next day at the zoo the Eledolphin was a huge hit!

  15. Maddie Hi says:

    My name is Flinn. I can swim in the ocean and walk on land. Many people think I’m weird. Scientists have been testing me to see where I came from or how I can be both elephant and dolphin. I cannot tell them where I really come from. My home land will not allow me to say anything. They are waiting for me back home. Patience for when the time is right, will allow me to go back home. When that day comes I will be the happiest Dolphelant in the entire universe. I will see by fellow Dolphelant’s and continue my research.

  16. Brooke Fornerette says:

    Newest studies have shown the discovery of a Dolphelant. Is it a Dolphin? Or is it an Elephant? It is in fact both! It lives in the deepest darkest waters of the Atlantic Sea where it eats fish and camels. This Dolphelant according to research has been living since the 1900s. It was found floating on the top of the water by a fisherman and now is on display at the Point Defiance Zoo. Make sure to stop by to see this crazy looking animal!

  17. tinachan0102 says:

    The Eledolphin, an unusual looking creature, have never been accepted by others. But actually he is just the same with other creatures. He has a pure and warm heart, always helps others when they either got bullying or drowning, because of the size of his body is big enough and he has the ability to live in either land and water. Some people says that the Eledolphin is an incarnation of angel, some people says that he is an alien from the other planets. But no matter how he looks, he is the most kind-hearted animal in the world.

  18. Tina yuan says:

    He knew from the start he and the others animals was very different. He was a new species, not the elephant nor the Dolphins, he was a Eledolphin.Biologists used elephant DNA and dolphin DNA fused together, after a long-term research and created him.This Eledolphin was very docile.But he could not find a friend, because it seems he was the alien, it was very different with other, he feels lonely,He believed that as long as the intention to treat others, they will be friend with him.

  19. Andrea Z says:

    The ancient Dolphelephant has come out of hiding and was first seen in the Pacific Ocean. A young man named Charlie came across the massive beast on one of his fishing expeditions. “I knew something was abnormal by the unusual motion of the waves that surrounded my boat” says Charlie. “But boy was I in for a surprise to have caught such a large animal! I was worried that I had injured it but he turned out to be O.K.” Since the discovery, Charlie has taken care of the animal and has chosen to adopt it as a pet.

  20. The eledolphin knew he was different from other elephants. But all of the elephants loved him and his bubbley personality! He loves doing circus tricks. He loves juggling, and riding on a unicycle! The eledolphin hopes that one day he will perform at the circus! Even though he is a little different, he never stops achieving his dreams. He hopes to open his own circus and many special animals like him would come and be in his show.

  21. Tammy Pham says:

    Once a upon time, in a far fishing village where I was found by a fisherman. Everyone is pointed at me, laughing and made me hurt, just because I am a mix between elephant and dolphin .I ran away, crying and feel nobody would want me. It’s been three days and I haven’t eaten anything. Wait. There’s someone walking. A girl. Oh no, she saw me. She came over me and gave me some bread. She asked me if I would want to come home with her. I said yes and became her pet since then.

  22. kaileemd says:

    One stormy night, a not so brilliant scientist got a creepy idea. He would combine two of his favorite creatures, a dolphin and an elephant to create a Llama. Unfortunately for him, forcing a dolphin and an elephant to mate doesn’t produce an offspring at all, let alone a Llama. So the scientist invented a metamorphosis machine to combine the two animals and created the monstrosity known as the Delphinent. He never got a Llama.

  23. Daniel Lee says:

    Having an elephant father and dolphin mother, Eledolphin can both swim and walk. When he went to see his dad in Africa, Eledophin had been captured by hunters and had moved to zoo where he could swim with other sea creatures and run around with other elephants. However, tranquility did not last long. Because of his unique appearance, sea and land creatures started to avoid Eledolphin. Despite other animals’ antipathy, the only people who granted him were kids who came to see him; they always fed him bananas and gave interest , which were only happiness in his life.

  24. Violett says:

    there once was a dolphin whos only dream was to one day roam the earth. Knowing that this wwould never be possible, she hoped her children may have the pleasure of feeling land instead of being stuck in the watrer their whole life. Soon the dolphin fell in love ith an elephant and soon after she gave birth to a beautiful baby elephin who was able to swim and also live on land. When the time came the elephin had to move away from him mother because she could not join him on land. Although saddened by this he knew it was such a great opportunity that his mother had given everything for, and he intended to use his life on land to the fullest

  25. Jordan says:

    Ella, a cross between a dolphin and an elephant, was found on the western coast of Washington state. She can’t suck water out of a bowl, blow it all over, and wash herself. But she sure can make all of the calls she needs to her dolphin friends. Ella, who some would see as creepy, has the best of both worlds: being a gentle, giant elephant and a vocal, swimming dolphin.

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