The dialogue from within…

You are locked in the broom closet of a hospital.  You overhear a conversation between two doctors.  Write their dialogue, including vocal inflection and other sounds.  Each doctor must speak at least four times.


Due Friday October 31


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  1. Meghan says:

    I can’t believe I was stuck in the dang broom closest again. I was sure to get fired this time. As I sat down and waited for the second janitor, Billy, to come and unlock me from this dark pit of nasty and then tattle on me like a little kid to our boss. I overheard Dr. Bobby and Dr. Alex start up a conversation right outside the door. Though I considered yelling for them to let me out, I decided against it. Those two had been up to no good ever since last February.
    “Alex, do you have the stuff?” Dr. Bobby’s voice sounded gruff and winded, like he had just run up hill for several miles.
    “Yes, but I didn’t know where to put it. Alone it would kill, but with me..”
    “We will be exposed, yes I know.” Both men sighed in exasperation. My heart beat was racing and I tried my hardest to stay very still.
    “Alex, won’t we lose our jobs over this? It goes against our Doctor code and the American Constitution!” His voice raised to an almost high squeal and at the word constitution, his voice broke. Our brave Dr. Bobby, what are you doing?
    “Bobby, you need to calm down. If we succeed, she will not be the only person we will be able to save from this dreadful disease.”
    Dr. Bobby must have looked at him doubtfully, because Dr. Alex yelled then with outstanding power, “DO NOT DOUBT ME! You are my only partner, and I cannot do this without you! I will not do this without you!”
    Dr. Bobby sighed uncomfortably, “Fine. But if we don’t succeed, I’m pleading insanity.”
    “If we don’t suceed, we will be insane.” I heard their heavy footsteps leave and turn down the hallway. I didn’t dare breathe or move, until I was sure they were gone. What was this stuff? Should I tell? My panic began to rise before I suddenly heard the door unlocking and a flash of light beam down on my face.
    “Again?” he asked, with that irratating sarcastic tone.
    I looked at him with an expression of pure anger “Shut up Billy, I have more important business.”

  2. Evan says:

    I sat there waiting for my diagnosis, it would probably be cancer or a terminal illness or ebola or something of that sort. I felt horrible I was aching everywhere and I felt slow and uncoordinated. the doctors had me hooked into an IV and had electrodes stickered all around and the heart rate machine was beeping softly. As I contemplated how I would pay for my undoubtedly massive hospital bill I over heard two doctors talking outside my room.
    “Whats the situation with that one?” one of them said calmly
    “He is terminal the poor soul, he doesn’t have much time left” the other responded.
    My heart sunk. They must be talking about me. I was terminal and I was going to die.
    “You mean the guy in this room?”
    “Yeah he only got here this morning came in with a fever and aches and pains.”
    I sunk lower and lower into my bed. It felt as if the life was being squeezed out of me.
    “What does he have?”
    “A very rare malignant tumor on his heart. He is to old to really do much with I think I am going to suggest hospice and see where it goes from there.”
    “Well good luck you are a stronger man than I.”
    “Thanks, Jim”
    The door to my room opened and I nearly screamed. How would I tell my family? What would life be like? I clutched my heart feeling for a bump or some sign of where the tumor was. I was in complete panic, breathing hard and sweating profusely. The doctor came in and flipped a few pages looked at me and spoke.
    “You are free to leave whenever you like, we checked everything and you seem fine. Go home and take a sick day and rest up and you will be as good as new.”
    “I don’t have a malignant heart tumor or anything?”
    “Oh you heard that? Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you or anything”
    I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed falling back onto the comfy mattress.

  3. Makenzie says:

    I walked down the hallway to the supply closet to get more paper towels. I went to open the door to exit, but it was stuck! I shook the handle but it wouldn’t budge. Then I heard voices. Doctor voices.
    “You have my stuff?” One asked.
    “Yeah, I got right here Jim.” the other voice answered.
    what are they talking about? They’re doctors they can’t be taking drugs on the job.
    “Dr. Reynolds, why did you wrap it in a pillowcase?” Jim asked.
    “you didn’t want anyone to see or know what was inside right?” asked Dr. Reynolds.
    “Yes, good thinking.” Jim responded.
    See what? What’s in the pillowcase. I bet it’s drugs. I have to stop them. I shook the handle furiously.
    “Is someone in there?”
    “Open the door, Dr. Reynolds.”
    The door opened, there were two doctors standing in front of me.
    “Were you stuck in there?” Dr. Jim asked.
    “Yes! And I heard every bit of your drug deal going on here!” I yelled.
    The doctors looked at each other confused.
    “OH! you mean these?” the doctor pulled out a box of chocolate hostess donuts from the pillow case.
    “Oh, my bad, why were those in the pillow case?” I asked suspiciously.
    “um, my friends tell me I need to go on a diet, but Dr. Reynolds brings me donuts everyday for break.” Dr. Jim answered.
    I shrugged my shoulders then gave a nice smile and walked off.
    “That was close!” Dr. Reynolds said wiping the sweat from his forehead.
    “I know, it’s a good thing she didn’t ask to have one.” Dr. Jim said holding a donut.
    “We could have been fired!” Dr. Reynolds yelled.

  4. kaileemd says:

    His foot tapped outside the door of the closet which I had escaped into. I felt like I couldn’t breath but I forced myself to calm down as another doctor’s footsteps approached the one outside my door.
    “Have you found him Robert?” Dr. Myra asked breathlessly; She had been chasing me through the hallway.
    “Not yet.” He grunted and I could almost hear his fists tightening “If word of this gets out we’re screwed!”
    Dr. Myra started sniffling “We’ll be known as the idiot doctors that lost the ebola patient!” She bagan to sob uncontrollably.
    “We can fix this! As long as we find him before he comes into contact with anyone.”
    The Doctors departed from my door in opposite directions and after a few minutes I bolted from the closet and made my way for the nearest exit.
    THE END.

  5. jkbetti says:

    Barely able to make it out of the psych ventilation chambers I somehow managed to find myself locked in a miniscule broom closet.
    Great, just dandy I grimaced at the stank of my worn out, faded green, hospital gown. I was about to save myself from this closet when I heard footsteps and slight laughter, Great now I have to stay here or dig deeper into this hell pit… One of them sounded like my own medicine slave, except a tad on the drunken side.
    “Did you see the world series last night?” *hick* “My boyfriend and I stayed up all night to watch it, he was so,” *hick* “he was so mad that the Royals for losing to San Fran.” The female one staggered as she animated his reaction to the outcome. “He was THAT mad!”
    I never knew Dr. Mary was a drinker in her other life, I thought it was funny that I was the patient and not herself.
    “Nah, I don’t really care for Baseball” the man had the thickest Brookline accent I have ever heard! “Now Hockey, that’s a sport! Ever go to one of those Ranger games, holy mayoral they are so fast! My paps and I used to play on the lake near my home… good times.”
    “I was sad when they lost the Stanley Cup last season, but hey there’s always next year!” With that I could hear them walk right past me, I instinctively held my breath.
    “Say, didn’t you hear that message saying that one of your wakko’s got loose?” The man inquired trying to switch topics, “I hear that’s been happening a lot more now that your break is right before closing”.
    “Wadaya mean? You saying it’s my fault that mental got loose?!” I took that chance to leave.

  6. AC says:

    “l liked the tie your wife piked out for you this morning Mike” he said said with a smile.
    Reflexively reaching to his tie, Mike replied with, “So do l, Mary has good taste but l liked yesterday’s tie better”
    “With that face of yours, she sure Must love you” Raymond joked.
    Raymond chuckled but it soon turned into a grimace and then a sigh.
    “So how is Dr. Apartment treating you this weak? l know he practices a few methods that you don’t agree with,” Raymond added, sensing Mike’s disappointment.
    “He’s talking about injecting this new patient with Plato”
    “Well, it did work last time”
    “No, Raymond, the last patient died!” Mike retorted, slightly aggravated.
    “You win some, you lose some,” Raymond said, not sounding regretful in the least.

  7. Rachel says:

    “I told you it was a secret. No one was supposed to find out about this…” Dr. Smith said grimly.
    Their whispers were the first thing I heard when my eyes opened.
    “What you did was wrong, Dr. Smith. It is funny that you trusted me to keep it a secret,” said the other voice. I woke up in a dark room, my head hurt and everything was spinning. I was still in my hospital bed.
    Dr. Smith’s voice grew louder, “She never would have known that we gave her the wrong one if you wouldn’t have told the others. Now it’s only a matter of time.”
    “You can’t keep her locked in that room forever. They are going to look for her soon and she will wake up and figure out what happened.” His words echoed in my head.
    Suddenly, I my heart dropped and my stomach felt sick. I could not believe what they had done.

  8. dinhlinh44 says:

    [What the…dang it! Stuck in the darn janitors closet again. Oh well, time to bust myself out of here!] As I take out the Parabola-Cannon from my leg, I hear voices behind the door.
    “Why are you doing this?! Get him out of there!” a familiar female voice was yelling at someone.

    “There is nothing to worry about, all right? Now just follow my orders and nothing will happen to that THING.” A man behind the closet door responded in a rather serious tone. [Wait, he was referring to me, is he? he called me a THING!?! That’s uncalled for, I demand my rights as a human cyborg.]
    [‘Remember, bro…stop, listen, think then take action’ words from my brother echo my head. I need to wait and listen but not too long.]
    The man then continued speaking “Now, I want you get into my car, you know what’s going to happen…unless if you want your life to go to waste” then a charge-up is heard, clicking off the safety. [Damn, is he really taking out a AC pistol?! ]
    The woman hesitated then implored “What the hell?! You know we broke 10 years ago, you also know that I’m already engaged, Drayden!”
    [Wait…Trinidy! What to do, what to do…] before I took any reactive action, Drayden responded “Engaged to that THING! How can one make love with corpse who lost most of his limbs in a cannon explosion. Like I said, either come with me or your life ends here!”
    [I must get to her before it’s too late.] After a while, Trinidy responded “At least he has the decency of a human. YOU’RE the one who conducted those human experiments on those innocent women”
    “They are witches, they have no control over their magic. It’s best to kill them now, than letting them threaten the whole city” he responded in great fury. [Yo man, look who are you talking to, she’s a magician as well]
    Trinidy cried “They are my kin! Not only that, you made sure they died a painful dea-”
    Immediately, a silenced shot was heard followed by a scream, he shot Trinidy in the side. [That’s it, time to bring out the big guns!]
    I took out my Voltaic Cannon from my left leg and fired at the door, “What the…?!” Drayden barked
    As I step in, I change my firearm to a Combat Rifle-316, I see Trinidy on the ground bleeding and moaning in pain. After seeing that fearful sight I roared, “You’ll pay for what you done to Trinidy!!”

  9. Nils Gollersrud says:

    “Look, you’re getting worried, and I don’t want to have to deal with this anymore. Let’s just finish this,” Dr. Smith replied.
    “Finish this? How?” The nurse speaking with him replied nervously.
    “I’m sorry it had to come to this.” Dr. Smith handed the nurse a silenced pistol. “Make it look like an accident. No one has to know.”
    The nurse’s hand trembled as she grabbed the pistol. She slipped on a pair of gloves, and quietly exited the room. A few minutes later, Dr. Smith left.
    I pulled myself out of bed, despite my headache, and followed Dr. Smith down the hallway.
    As I crept along the wall, I heard a silent but sharp noise, and peered inside one of the windows. I saw a dark figure inside, holding what appeared to be a pistol, breaking one of the outside windows. The room was empty, except for some damaged equipment, and a patient on the bed, with blood on her torso. I dropped to the floor to avoid being seen, and quickly crawled across the floor when I heard the door open. The nearest exit was a door only a few meters away. I crept inside, and quickly closed the door. The room was a small closet. Not an ideal place to hide, but it was close enough for me to hear the conversation outside.
    “Is it done?” Dr. Smith asked as he approached the nurse in the hallway.
    “The patient is dead, and the room is a mess. I shattered the windows, and took some of the equipment,” the nurse replied. She handed Dr. Smith the silenced pistol and the pair of gloves. “If I didn’t know what happened in there, it sure looked like a robbery gone wrong.”
    “Good work. I will dispose of this soon. Good night.”
    The doctor walked down the hallway.
    “Doctor, wait,” the nurse said, hastily.
    “Yes?” Dr. Smith asked in reply as he turned around.
    “When I was in the room, I thought I saw somebody.”
    “I don’t know. I didn’t see their face. Whoever it was, peered through the window. I think they saw me.”
    “You think they saw you?”
    “I’m sure they did. What do I do?”
    “Alright, give me a second to think.”
    Dr. Smith turned around, put the gloves on, and readied the pistol.
    “Alright, I need you to come with me, down there,” Dr. Smith said, pointing down the hall. The nurse proceeded forwards, and the doctor leveled the pistol at her back. He fired, and she collapsed as she felt a sharp pain in her spine.
    Dr. Smith dragged the nurse’s body, and threw her in the closet.
    “What do we have here?” He asked in puzzlement, as he saw something underneath the nurse’s body. “Hello there.” He smiled, and pointed the pistol inside the closet. The last noise I heard was a scream, a chaotic cry for help.

  10. John Pham says:

    Doctor Brandon said with a fearful whisper to Doctor Andreew “He’s not going to make it.” Dr. Andreew said with a angerly shout “he will make it, as long as he fight it.” As I heard that i was wondering who they were talking about, maybe it was the sick boy from across the hall. As i was thinking the doctors continued to talk. Dr. Brandon continue to argue with Dr. Andreew ” Our current medical advances can’t save him.” Dr. Andreew replied “As long as he has the will to live, he has a chance to survive.” Dr. Brandon disagree and wanted to pull the plug on him. I tried to open the broom closest after i thought the doctors left. Afterward, i saw Dr. Brandon and Dr. Andreew in the young boy room telling him his the only two option he had left. Dr. Brandon said with a despair voice “With just a pull of the plug all your pain will go away.” But Dr. Andreew interrupted him and said “Don’t just give up all hope yet, as long as you still want to live there is a way.” Dr. Brandon grabbed Dr. Andreew shoulder and thrust him backward telling him “Don’t give this kid false hope. He is destined to die, there is no hope.” Dr. Andreew replied angrily “Why are you deciding this boy fate. It’s his own life, let him decided.” As the two doctors argue anger, the little boy told them to stop, after they stopped he told them “I want to live.” after hearing that the two doctors calm down and tried all they could to save the little boy.

  11. Brooke Fornerette says:

    “Dr. Zandoff can I speak with you for a second?” I heard footsteps running up to him.
    She sounded like a younger woman with a sweet caring voice.
    “Yes Dr. Allen?” he expressed what he said in a very annoyed voice.
    “I had a question about patient 239.”
    “Dr. Allen I told you a myriad of times that I cannot discuss other patients with you. if you wanted to talk to me say that, but keep it professional. Please and thank you.”
    He sounded incredibly rude with her but I slightly wondered if they dated then broke up considering you cannot date in the work place.
    “You haven’t answered my calls Paul. We need to discuss things.”
    “To you my name is not Paul. It is Dr. Zandoff, now keep it that way. I told you I wanted nothing to do with your experiment.” He paused.
    So maybe they weren’t dating? I was so curious about what they were talking about. It was even harder to listen since I started to feel light headed in this humid closet full of chemicals used by doctors.
    “Listen Dr. Allen, your experiment is far past illegal and I am done being involved in it.”
    “It may be illegal but if it works the way we want it to then we could have so much power over the country,” the more she kept talking the less sweet and caring she became.
    “We?! There is no we! I will not take part in your plan to make millions of human beings deathly ill just so you can rule the world. That is final! Do not ever speak to me about this again,” he seemed as if he was trying very hard to not raise his voice.
    I could tell he was highly displeased with her and his anger was getting to him. I then heard foot steps as if Dr. Zandoff had walked away, then another set of foot steps in the opposite direction.

  12. Alex Sheardown says:

    There I was trapped in a broom closet desperately trying to call someone for help. when I heard the most peculiar conversation.

    Doctor : I have done it again. hahaha.

    Patient: Thankyou! you’ve saved my life. Cries softly.
    How, can I ever repay you?

    Doctor: Well you could pay the fee. paper list unravels

    Patient: Oh of course bless your heart. Wait. WHAT!!!!
    You want men to pay that?

    Doctor: Yep.

    Patient: But, that’s more than my car. How will I feed my family?

    Doctor: I just saved yo ass now pay up.

    Patient: Scribbles something down on a piece of paper. ( a check)
    There I hope you’re happy.

    Doctor: Oh, I am. Now enjoy bankruptcy.

    Thats the day I learned doctors are jerks. The end.

  13. I shut the door in front of me and lock it. It was the only hiding place I could find. I hear many doctors and nurses running down the hall looking for me. Then I hear footsteps.. I hear another footstep and before I know it, the doctors were right in front of the closet door. They were speaking very loud..
    “Has Dr. Shepard gave you the results yet?” he quivered.
    The other doctor gave a big sigh.
    “No he hasn’t. We still need to find that girl she has to be in the hospital somewhere.”
    This sounded like Dr. Martins voice. He was my doctor.
    “It’s been two hours and she’s no where in sight. This is the third time she tried to escape from the hospital. We have to be more careful this time!” Dr. Martin shouted.
    “Calm down, Martin well find her.” The other doctor replied, which I didn’t recognize his voice at all. he must be a new doctor.
    “She’s different from the other patients. She’s so white, she almost looks like a ghost.” whispered the other doctor.
    “We still have to examine her. I can tell she’s not from here.” Dr. Martin replied.
    “That’s impossible, there has to be something that we can do. We must try not to scare her.” the other doctor said.
    “If she escapes there’s nothing we can do about it.” Dr. Martin said.
    Then the doctors walked off away from the closet. Then I thought to myself..I need to get out of here

  14. Tina yuan says:

    I am locked in the broom closet of a hospital and I am try to call my parents but they did not answer me, suddendly I hear two people’s footsteps, so I turn off the phone.
    ” This is your only chance, we want to transplant her heart to others.” people who speak were 40 years old, speech was very calm.
    “ I know, but…..”Sounds like he felt painful.”
    “ If you want to be surgical director, there is no other choice.” he used very firm tone to say that.”
    ” She was my patient, I have to be responsible.” He agitated.
    ” Are you stupid ?can’t you not understand what I am saying ? ” he gets very ungry.
    ” You do not have time to think about that, who care you , you are my best smart student , let do this together, we will be successful.” he uses soft tone tells his student.
    ” Ok, I will do it, this is my last time to do that, after everthing done remember I will be surgical director .”
    ” Sure! you will get what you want, you are the best student.” sounds like he is very excited becasue he gets what he wants.
    They leave there and everything get very quite include me.

  15. Heather Wu says:

    “So did you get the results yet?” Asked Dr. Kashi.
    “Umm….there were some complications…” replied Dr. Yama.
    “What kind of complications??”
    “Uhh well…the patient kind of dissapeared.”
    “WHAT?! Why weren’t you watching her!?”
    “Well the patient had some…issues after the experimental treatment and ran off in this direction.”
    “We can get in an unimaginable amount of trouble if they find out that we went ahead with this treatment! Well…she couldn’t have gotten far let’s just keep looking.” I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding and took a step back but in the process I stepped into a bucket and fell, causing a loud, clamoring sound. I sat there, frozen in fear, and waited. After what felt like an eternity, the closet door opened, revealing Dr. Kashi and Dr. Yama.
    “There you are!” exclaimed Dr. Kashi, “I knew you couldn’t have gotten far.”
    “Time to go. We have more work to do.”

  16. Andy Wang says:

    On that day, I was trying to clean up the emergency room after a big explosion in the theatre that causes a big amount of injury. When I went in to the broom room, the door was blocked by two doctors who were talking about something secret; they kept looking around to make sure no one walked through.
    “Are you sure this is a good place to talk” Said one of the person, who spoke in a little shaky tone and kept looking around the hallway.
    “No worry, everyone is busy right now, beside no one really come to this side of the building” said the other one, who seemed more calm than the other guy.
    “Ok, so what is our plan today, did you make the deal with them yet?” said the person, looking at the other person suspiciously.
    “Yeah, today is a lucky day for us, there is going to be lots of surgery today, we have to take charge of many surgery as we can and we can take any part of the patient and sell it to them” said the other person, who spoke in quite confident tone, he was ready for this for long time.
    “I do not know, James, if we get caught, we are probably going to die, I am not sure I am ready for this’ said the person with the shaky voice and legs, his face was already sweaty.
    “Don, you are the only one I can count on. Don’t you need that money? No one is going to know about our plan, very simple, take it and sell it that is all” said James, who was trying to calm Don down; he knew he can not finish this job without him.
    “Fine, but I am going to take half of the money, and we get caught, I am going to pretend I am innocent” said by Don, who left the conversation and walked down to the hallway, disappeared at the turn of the corner.
    “All your call, Don” Said James, with an excited tone, waked down to the other side of the hallway.
    I need to tell someone of this intrigue.

  17. Daniel Lee says:

    When I opened my eyes, whole world was filled with dark. I do not remember who I am, but I still remember I was with a girl holding my hand. I could not use my hands because they were tied to my body. As soon as I tried to shake my body to untie the rope, I heard someone talking to another.

    “Did you tie him?”

    “Don’t worry. I tied his both legs and arms.”

    “His mouth? Did you tape his mouth?”


    I knew my I could not speak and breathe. I could only smell noisome smell from brooms.

    “Great. Now you can go out.”

    “By the way, what are you trying to do with him?”

    “I can’t tell you specifically but if you swear me not to tell anyone, I can tell you. It’s a top secret.”
    “Yes, I swear not to tell anyone.”

    While the doctor, who were curious about the reason why I am locked into the closet, was promising another doctor, I had to fart silently because I could not hold in my fart.

    “The guy in the closet has the strongest fart in the world. It was so strong that his girlfriend died due to his fart.”

    I now knew why my eyes were closing.

  18. andrea z says:

    I waited quietly in the broom closet in complete darkness. I could hear the faint footsteps coming from the two doctors who were just outside the closet door, having a long discussion about treating one of their patients.
    “Dr. Mathews, I’ve spoken with the patient’s family.”
    “And what was their response?”
    “They can no longer endure the pain of watching their child die slowly. Their only wish is for us to finish the treatment within the next few days by any method of our choice” replied Dr. Davidson.
    “Is that so? Well it saddens me to hear such news, and you know how I will be unable to please them with my personal beliefs on any form of euthanasia. I won’t do it” declared Dr. Mathews.
    “I know I haven’t been working here anywhere near as long as you have, but would you be willing to trust me in taking over this patient’s final days?”
    “I suppose so. If anyone asks, just let them know that Dr. Matthews gave you permission.”
    “Thank you for giving me this opportunity doctor ” said Dr. Davidson. “I won’t let you down.”
    “I trust you with this and I can only hope that the choices you make will benefit everyone.”
    And with that, Dr. Mathews went home for the night.
    At first, I didn’t know what I thought about the whole idea. I didn’t even remember how I ended up in the closet in the first place. It was not so long after when I realized that the hospital was nearly empty, and only Dr. Davidson stayed behind. Right when I decided to sneak out and head home, my heart dropped deep within my chest at the sudden sound of multiple gunshots that never seemed to end. With so many emotions running through my mind at once, something told me that I was suppose to be in that closet. As if I knew this was going to happen like some sort of nightmare that came true.

  19. Maddie Hi says:

    As I turned the handle, it fell. It fell right off the door. Now I was stuck in the tiny closet. I hate tiny spaces, especially when there aren’t any windows. Just because I needed a break, a break from reality to go someplace else, i get stuck in a closet.
    “Someone help me! I’m stuck inside the closet.” No one was there. I listened to see if anyone would come. no one did. I waited a while and finally heard someone coming toward the closet. Just as I was about to call out, a man said, “I don’t think its the right time to tell them.”
    “Its never the right time to tell anyone,” another man argued. It sounded like Dr. Jim’s voice.
    “Your her doctor, you need to tell them now. If you don’t, I will.”
    Who were they talking about?
    “I just don’t want to break the family up. I want to give them as much happiness as I can. there’s nothing that can be done now. The longer I wait the longer they will have with as close to normal as they can get.
    “I get that I do, but Lisa needs to know, especially her sister. They need to spend as much time together as they can. The more they know the more prepared they will all be in the end.”
    Oh my gosh. Lisa was my sister. They were talking about my sister. She was dying. I know it. I just didn’t know that there was nothing that could help her. I had hoped there was something that could be done, but i guess not.
    “Umm excuse me! Can someone please let me out of here?”
    As the door rattled, Jamie just wanted to be out of the closet and with her sister. As the door swung open, the two doctors standing in front of her looked that her with shocked faces.
    “Are you alright?” Dr. Jim asked, voice filled with worry.
    “Am i alright? I just heard that my sister is going to die. She’s the only family i have left and she’s leaving me. How do you think I’m doing?”
    “I..we…” Dr. Jim stumbled on his words.
    “I told you you should have told her sooner.”
    “I don’t want to talk to either of you right now, but i do want to take my sister home so that she can spend the rest of her life where she belongs and where she’s comfortable.”
    A nurse came running down the hall yelling at Dr. Jim. “Something happened. I don’t know what happened, she was fine a minute ago and then everything changed.”
    Jamie stared at the nurse is complete shock. “I thought i would have more time.”

  20. Tammy Pham says:

    I overhear a conversations between two doctors. I guess that they are Psychiatrist.
    “What do you think about patient Ginger case?” – The first doctor asked”
    “Ginger? She is paranoid. She keeps saying that she has a baby.” The second doctor told the other one
    “I think that the loss of her kid makes she hurt so much. People sometimes make that up themselves and believe to ease their heart.”- The first doctor replied
    “What should we do? How to cure for her? – The second doctor is wondering
    “First, we need to find the reason of the loss of her kid, and then have her family to support her.” The first doctor confirmed.
    “I don’t know if that would help her” – The second doctor concerned
    “We need to find the reason first, then we will figure out how to help her get over it” – The first doctor replied.
    “Ok. Let’s come and talk with her and see what happened.” The doctor said then opened the door.
    I just recognize that when someone lose the important people in their life, that will be the big whole of their heart which is hard to cure even though having a good doctor. They need all support from their family and everybody

  21. Carol G says:

    This morning I has received a phone call from Dr. Walters office urging me to go back to the hospital. As I waited in the lobby, my nose started bleeding. I ran to the front desk desperately asking for tissues. The lady at the front desk said she had none at her desk but I could get them from the closet across from Dr. Walters office. I ran down the hall with blood now dripping down my forearm. I barged into the closet and luckily the tissues were placed right next to the door.
    As I started to clean my self up, I noticed two distinct voices talking outside the door. On of the voices clearly belonged to Dr Walter but the other I was unsure who it belonged to.
    “Hey Johnson, how are your patients treating you today?”, Dr. Walter s asked.
    “Terrible, as always. Why did you page ME?”, asked Dr Johnson.
    “I have some bad news and I have some really bad news for my patient.” Dr Walters replied in a worried tone.
    “How bad can it be?” asked Dr. Walters.”You might as well give me the bad news first”
    “Well the lab called with her test results. She has 24 hours to live” Dr. Walters replied hesitantly.
    “24 HOURS! That’s terrible! WHAT could be WORSE? What’s the very bad news?”, Dr. Johnson whisper yelled.
    “I have been trying to reach her since yesterday”.

    • Katie-Maureen says:

      I saw nothing but darkness around me, except for the light slipping through the cracks of the closet door. Ouch, my head hurts. Wait.. why am I tied up? I… I can’t scream by mouth is gagged! What happened… I frantically look through the cracks and hear two doctors in conversation.
      “He can’t find out what’s wrong with his wife,” said the first doctor very grim. “He won’t understand”
      “But I feel that we need to tell him. It’s his right to know,” pleaded the second doctor.
      Wait, those doctors look familiar… That’s Dr. Smith and Dr. Roberts! They were just checking in on my wive’s pregnancy.. Sherry! What have they done to her?!?
      “Well,” began Dr. Roberts, “what exactly is wrong”
      “The checkup procedure did not go as expected,” confessed Dr. Smith. “We don’t currently know the specifics but something is definitely wrong”.
      “Why would you even consider NOT telling him? wondered Dr. Roberts. “I feel terrible that we had to restrain him just so he wouldn’t find out”.
      “He wouldn’t understand. See, the wife is clearly pregnant. But not with his child though,” pointed out Dr. Smith.
      What…? Who’s child is it. ..?
      “It isn’t really anyone’s child though,” continued Dr. Smith. See, the pictures here show a figure, but that figure isn’t of a human. It appears to be a demon. ..”

  22. Ryan B says:

    Somehow, however unrealistic it seems, I think I was locked in the broom closet when I was asked to do a favor by one of the sectaries. I don’t really remember a whole lot, but I did hear the secretary and doctor collaborating about something as I was trying to figure my way out. I didn’t want to make any noises because I was embarrassed that I was actually in this situation. How was a doctor supposed to trust a guy that can’t keep himself from locking himself in a closet? They obviously weren’t trying to be very secretive when I heard the doctor say at full voice,
    “Hey did you see the Cav’s game last night? Lebron played pretty bad. He called me up though after the game looking for some supplements.”
    The secretary responded very hastily, with a lot of excitement, “Was he willing to pay full price!? This could be a new beginning for the company!”
    I could tell the doctor was pondering the idea, he knew that if he gave out these supplements, his business could be completely shut down. Though on the other hand, if he didn’t get caught; he and his business would be the richest it’s ever been.
    The doctor said with some hesitation, “I think I’ll follow through, he’s desperate and I could capitalize on the situation very well.”
    The assistant replied with a very comforting, but concerned voice, “I do understand this could make for a big earning, but you do realize the consequences right?”
    The Doctor replied, “I do.”

  23. Christian Bell says:

    “I just wanted my change!” I cried as I sat alone in the darkness of the broom closet. I’d begun working at Highland Hospital not even a week before running into the two “doctors” at the vending machine. It was my lunch break, and I wanted to spend my last five dollars on a protein shake. I’d never seen the two men before, they were extremely hairy and muscular. I knew they were to rather muscular to be doctors, but my hunger blocked my suspicions. It all happened so fast. One minute they were silently watching me put my money in the vending machine. The next I was happily walking away with my shake in my hand. But, I’d forgotten my change. When I went back for it the men attacked me. I tried to scream but they had covered my mouth. They threw me in the broom closet and here I’ve been for the past hour. My shake had spilled all over my pants during the attack and all that was left was the empty plastic bottle. Tears were rolling down my face When I heard their voices. “When is the car coming?” a husky voice whispered. I could see two sets of footsteps outside the door. A spark of hope shot through my body. “Help! Help Me!” I screamed. “Shut up! Or I swear to god I’ll shoot you!” The voice angrily bellowed back. I kept quiet. “Vince, relax or you’ll blow our cover! Forget about her man! We have five minutes before it blows!” The husky voice whispered again. “It blows? What were they talking about?” I thought to myself. “Sorry, Boss said they’ll text when the car gets here.” Vince whispered back. “I’ll give him another thirty seconds, then I’m outta here. There’s no way we’d make it in time before the bomb goes off.” the husky voice whispered nervously. “Boss? Bomb? Oh, hell no! Help! Help! Let me out!” I cried leaping up and banging ferociously on the door. “That’s It!” Vince yelled as he swung open the door. He fired shots into the darkness. The small space fell silent. “That’ll teach her” Vince laughed wickedly. Just before he closed the door again, a flash of a foot kicked him in the face. He fell with a loud thud and dropped his gun. I ran out of the closet as fast as my feet could carry me. “Hey! Stop! Stop her!” the husky voice bellowed. People who had heard the gun shots were already fleeing as I raced down the stairs to the lobby. “Everybody! Run! There’s a bomb!” I shouted in the lobby. A few more gun shots rang out and people began to exit in terror. ” You little witch! Your Dead!” Vince yelled racing down the stairs after me. I ran out the door and towards my car. Before I could open the car door a shot hit my leg. I fell down, a rush of pain shot up through my body. Vince smiled crookedly as he began slowly making his way towards me. “Game over!” He screamed holding up his gun to fire another shot. BOOOOOOOOM! The bomb went off.

  24. Jordan says:

    “So what was I supposed to do? He was holding a gun against my back!”, I said in response to the man stuck in the closet with me. He said, “Shhh! do you hear that?”
    “hear WHAT?”
    tick tick tick tick tick…
    “Do you not hear that ticking from outside the door?”
    “Ohhh no no no, I’m wearing a watch!”
    “NO! I am wearing a watch also, I can hear our watches-


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