and the Wall came tumbling down

Check out the above video, which was the Google Doodle for 11/9/14 — the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  The Wall separated Berlin in two from 1961 until 1989.  The West was controlled by Germany, England, and the United States, while the East was controlled by the USSR.  The Wall existed as a physical symbol of the “Iron Curtain” between Western Europe and the Eastern Bloc of Communist USSR.  The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 was the beginning of the collapse of the USSR, and nearly a year later Germany reunified after 28 years as West Germany and East Germany.

Regular Blog Post:  Write from the perspective of a person in Berlin (could be a person in West Berlin or East Berlin; a soldier or a civilian; a child or an adult; or a visitor from elsewhere coming to West Berlin) immediately before the fall of the Wall.  You can write a description, a scene, a dialogue, or a poem.

Due Friday November 14, 2014

PS: I was 18 when the Wall fell.  My entire life up to that point was lived in a world where it was possible to build a wall to divide a city because political forces opposed each other (simplified reason).  The fall of the wall signaled an amazing new era.  It was a pretty awesome time to be 18!

NaNoWriMo Dare:  Include this person in a scene from your novel!


30 comments on “and the Wall came tumbling down

  1. Rachel says:

    excitement filled the air
    the people were everywhere
    waiting and waiting
    I could just see
    the wall that would come down
    and no longer be

    And when it came down
    oh the freedom that I felt
    the cheers and joy
    that people screamed out
    our lives have changed forever
    we all stand together

  2. AC says:

    The wall will come down. Our orders are to keep people from the wall, but l do not believe that our protecting it on this side will be able to save the wall or keep the people. Some of our citizens here are incredibly unloyal, jumping from roofs in attempt to leave. We provide them with so much; l and the rest of my squad were placed here for their sole protection and they still try to leave! lf the citizens behind our shield of our wall and the lron curtain truly don’t want to be under our protection, then let them go.

  3. Meghan says:

    A tall symbol of rage,
    Two sides too stubborn to admit defeat.
    Our cries ring out,
    Flying through the air,
    To find each other.
    Both sides are wishing and waiting,
    Whispering notes of demise to this devil.
    We scrawl,
    symbols on symbols,
    Our anger boiling up.
    A wrip is made,
    Then another one,
    An Iron Curtain is shown its biggest weakness.
    A night full of possiblitlies,
    Sees the end,
    Of a power struggle.
    But we just see eachother.

  4. Maddie Hi says:

    There it was standing tall
    Taller than any man would ever be
    There was no way to see
    Although we all wished.

    Leading to this moment,
    We were scared,
    we were curious,
    When would it come down.

    There was no way to know
    Just that one day everything changed
    People were different
    Acting as though it was just the beginning.

    It was, just the beginning
    The start to a new time
    A new life
    And a new country.

  5. Makenzie says:

    the wall that stood tall
    separated the people on either side
    some left wondering when it would fall.

    After it was down
    They were united in different places
    people could see new faces
    nobody had frowns
    just smiles and joy.

    We celebrate the fall
    because it brought union to us all
    And remember the peace
    That will be with us forever.

  6. I wake up from my bed and I hear rumbling and shouting outside. I opened my eyes and saw freedom. I walked outside and saw the wall being torn apart. I thought this was a dream. I thought I would never see my family again. I walked up to the large crowd the the wall began to tore and tore until the block fell. Everyone was rushing out to the other side of Germany. I saw the bright orange sun through the wall. I ran through the wall. I just kept runnning. I am now free.

  7. Andy Wang says:

    Since I have the memory, lots of the people I known were trying to cross the wall, but I have not seen any of them came back from it. Mom told me that the other side of the wall is the other side of the city we live in. However, in 1960s, the eastern side where I lived in enacted a law to shoot the people crossing the wall. I was always wondering about the other side of the wall. Until now, the wall has collapsed by the people, I am glad I can witness this significant moment, this is the victory won by the people, the unity. We are no longer living under the government power, we have right to speak what we think is right.

  8. jkbetti says:

    The cold air of the East pounded our backs silently as we all wonder when we would see the other side… if there was another side.
    My younger brother was over there, somewhere seeing colors and laughing so hard… if he still was on the other side.
    All I saw was grey. I wondered what it might be like seeing in color… So I began to dream about that day when I would walk to the other side.
    So I asked to see what the colors were, so I could paint a picture in my head… All they told me was the color RED and reminded me that this was the good side.
    I wondered to myself if everything was really RED… It couldn’t be that is only on this side.
    Twenty eight years later, I saw what colors were… through a chipped hole from the Western side.
    The Wall looked less grey and more important to destroy… there should not be two sides!
    It would not stand the sheer force of freedom from the other side… I saw my brother again so I asked him what the colors were he said:
    “Not RED anymore… welcome home.”

  9. David Herman says:

    I was just right years old when they tore down the wall, but I can remember it clearly because I was there. My parents learned that it was going to happen and they rushed our whole family down to see it. At the time I didn’t think much of the wall. I knew that the other side was called East Berlin and that the Russians controlled it but I didn’t understand what it represented. I remember that no one was crying. I remember that it wasn’t that kind of day. I remember the laughter and singing and joyful faces climbing up the wall with chisels and hammers. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about, but I knew it meant something to everyone.

  10. dinhlinh44 says:

    When the wall was destroyed, I was the happiest man alive. When the new arrive in my house, I couldn’t help but jump for joy. Our whole neighborhood went down and see the wall break, everyone in both sides went to see the wall break down. Everyone is now finally free from this stupid war and separation. But, even better, my fiancee went running down to greet me, but the wall was still in the way. I couldn’t wait any longer, I ran home as fast as I could and came back with a large hammer. I jumped off the railing and started to break the wall by myself. At first, the police told me to stop because it was dangerous but I didn’t care, she behind this penetrable curtain and I will be the one that frees her. When they saw I broke a large part of the wall, everyone on both sides started to cheer for me. Soon, the police too started to cheer, when I broke through the wall, I embraced my fiancee, then we decided to work on the destruction of the wall together. As I continued slamming my large hammer, my fiancee cheered me on with the people and the police. As they cheered, each blow was stronger than the next. United by German blood, we conquered the wall and tore it down, never again going to disturb our lives

  11. John Pham says:

    As the wall fell i thought to myself today under this rubble my hearts was frozen. But in this darkness, i saw a single flower. the flower called hope. Without it i wouldn’t of survived. i had gain the freedom i had dearly wished for.

  12. Hayley Clement says:

    As i stood infront of the wall i watched as it came down piece by piece i started to realize that it was all over.I looked arund me to seefaces ull of joy and hope. As i loked at my ffamily a glimmer of hope came over me, it mae me think that we had hope that things were ging to change.

  13. Jake Ryerson says:

    I have hoped and dreamed for this day for all of my life. This wall has become so much more than a wall. It symbolizes dictators, violence, and sadness. Thanks to all who have contributed to the fall of the Berlin wall. I thought this day would never come, but now I can finally feel freedom and unity.

  14. tinachan0102 says:

    I was a high school student when the day comes, I was so surprise and start to jump around the hallways at school, celebrating with joy and share with friends. When i got home, it feels like we finally earn something good. Before this day, the tall wall blocks all the hopes, but today, as the wall falls, it also collapse the obstacle that bring us back. We finally have our freedom and right to take our actions. I saw the children playing joyfully, people laughing like there were no worry anymore, and the creatures, animals, plants seems more brighter and lively. I am appreciate and glad to see this happened.

  15. violett harris says:

    I was born after the wall went up, to see this day is unbelievable. I never thought something like this would hapen. I grew up my whole life in seperation, fear, anxiety. With th fall of the wall my heart has lifted. I seems as though a wall has beak broken down in my heart. The fear is being released and freedom seems to be just upon the horizion. This chapter in my life is new and exciting and i cannot wait for the day we are in complete unity.

  16. Tina yuan says:

    As the East-West confrontation has long been the most powerful symbol of the Berlin Wall was torn down eventually, and there is one percent of East German citizens into West Germany reunited with their friends and relatives since 1961 due to border closures and forced separation.
    I think in the November 9, 1989, television viewers around the world witnessed a great scene staged in Berlin.

  17. Tammy Pham says:

    When I was 15 years old, the Wall went up This wall to me is such a separation between my country and I don’t live in a country that people from each side to be completely different. On November 9th, 1989, after 28 years of separation, the wall fell down and it was such a good news for me, we can be a country again it is Germany nowadays. I am from the West Berlin, and we were happy and cheer to welcome people from East Berlin again. Cold war ends and everyone were happy

  18. Ryan B says:

    In my lasts of breaths this was all I could have asked for, unity and solidarity. I hoped too see this day with my own eyes. I can now move on into a better place knowing my family can now be together.

  19. carol g says:

    And the wall went up,
    with barbed wire and concrete as its lay up,
    division was its purpose,
    it made everyone nervous,
    And the day of change came,
    “Tear down this wall!” he said,
    And the wall came down.

  20. andrea z says:

    I stood in the middle of the crowd, watching anxiously as the Berlin Wall fell. It took 28 years to regain freedom, and I was lucky enough to witness the day our freedom would be granted. Many have tried to cross the wall in the past, some were successful and some were not. But today, we were all winners. I looked around to see the reactions from the East, tears of joy and overall happiness. It was the greatest day of my life.

  21. Nils Gollersrud says:

    For 28 years, this wall has divided the city. Now as it collapses, I can only see that it will begin a series of events- a series of events that will change the world.This city will no longer belong to us. I can only fear what happens next. The people will liberate themselves, and our power will be lost. We do not have much time. But the question is, what will we do when that happens?

  22. Christian Bell says:

    “Stay close to me girls!” Mama yelled to Aoife and I. There were hundreds upon hundreds of people. Tall,small, thin or fat all were gathered here at the wall. Mama said Papa was on the other side. I didn’t remember Papa, being that I was only 2 when he left. My older sister Aoife would tell me stories about him and he’d send us pictures. But I was really nervous of not being able to recognize him. “Just look for a handsome funny man.” Aoife said. “It’s almost down!” A man yelled. Everyone began to cheer. The wall was three pecks away collapsing. One. My heart raced. Two. My mother gripped our hands tightly. Three. Boom.

  23. Katie says:

    When the Wall fell I had only been visiting Germany. I am from America and wanted to visit Europe, and heard that the Wall would be torn down. I went for the experience and to see how others felt. I did not know how to feel because I did not understand their situations and the hardships that they underwent, however, I felt myself cry out with joy as the Wall fell. Everyone around me was cheering and hugging; a place full of warm energy, laughter, and smiles. Not much can make many people that happy anymore. It was an experience I will never forget my entire life.

  24. Heather Wu says:

    The Wall. The Wall had fallen. I was old enough to remember a time before the Wall existed but after 28 years, that seemed like a distant dream. I was 18 when the Wall went up and I’m now 46. I have been forced to live in East Germany for the majority of my life. I was forced to live on my own, never see my family, and I was threatened with death every time I attempted to cross to West Germany. I just wanted to be with my family, my parents, my brother, my sister. What had happened to them these past 28 years? I didn’t know. But now, the Wall is down and I can finally be reunited with them. 28 years ago, I was going to school in what is now East Germany even though I lived in West Germany. I was actually on my way home when I discovered that there was a Wall and Germany had been split in two. Tears started running down my cheeks when I finally saw my family again. They had changed so much and I cried. I cried because I was ecstatic to see them again but I was saddened by the realization that I had missed so much of their lives. But we were together once again and for now, that’s all that mattered.

  25. Daniel Lee says:

    I was seven when the Berlin Wall started to fall. Even though we could not see other side due to the wall was still blocking the sight, I could feel that there were a lot of Southerners waiting for the wall to break down. The soldiers in front of the wall were trying to secure the people, so they don’t get harm. The wall finally fall down, and I was holding my mom’s hand tightly so I don’t get lost. I could see people on the other side through a fissure. They didn’t look different as I had thought. It was a total accordance between us and our old friends.

  26. Jacob Dailey says:

    It has been a long time since I have seen the other side of the wall. We have hated each other for so long. We just wanted to remain separate and we assumed our views would never correlate. The damn East Germans were the ones that caused the war anyway. I have been alive nearly 65 years and I have been set in my ways for a long time. I was around during World War II and saw the horrible things they did. I did not support it but I was in fear of my own life and never stood up to them. My people were also at fault and being separated into two Germany’s was a reasonable way to keep us powerless. Germany has been week for too long. It is time that we set aside our differences and become the one whole Germany that we once were. Perhaps we may need a closer watch, but we will come back greater than we ever were.

  27. Lukas Bachmann says:

    It was a sunny day in west Berlin. I think I was 7 years old at this point. I had lived my entire life up until this point being taught by my parents and even school educators that beyond that wall lived true evil and that the wall served as a barrier to protect us from that evil. The day the wall came down was a scary one for me. I never understood that the evil my parents and teachers told me about was not literal. I pictured monsters and demons living on the other side that lived simply to hurt me. My parents brought me along to the display of the tearing down. I closed my eyes tight as the explosions went off expecting a flood of monsters to come through but instead only people emerged. They were met by people from our side with open arms and tight embraces. That’s when I realized it was a celebration my parents brought me to. I saw the smiles of people around me and began to feel at ease. I had fun that day, I even got to tear a piece off to bring home with me that I still have to this day.

  28. Jordan says:

    The wall has been up my entire life. But, my parents told me that it’s coming down. Immediately I asked if we would be able to go see it being torn down. My parents don’t like to participate in anything like that and I was expecting them to tell me no, and they said yes. They told me that they remember before the wall was built. My parents said that I have cousins that live on the other side. Family I’ve never met before that I can finally meet. We hurried to the wall and as I stood a little further back with my mom we watched my dad approach and help take peices off. He brought me back a peice of the wall. A wall that once separated my family, is now non-existent.

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