A new beginning

Soon, some of you may be leaving home and heading off to college, jobs, the military…

new beg

If you had to leave the city you live in:

  1. What would you find hardest to leave behind?
  2. If you were to move to a new city, what would you do to connect with the community, or feel established in a new place?
  3. What city would you move to?

Don’t forget to answer ALL the questions!  Due Friday January 30, 2015

all the things


26 comments on “A new beginning

  1. Hayley Clement says:

    1.If I had to leave the city I live in what would be the hardest I leave behind is my friends and family.
    2.I honestly have no clue what I would do. I probably wouldn’t do anything and just hoped it worked out.
    3.I if had to move I would move to Portland because it close to home but it’s also a big city like im used to.

  2. Rachel says:

    1. It would be hard to leave my friends and family since I have had them by my side for so long. I also love Seattle area and everything the Pacific Northwest offers.
    2. If I had to move to a new city I would discover the places where the local people like the best. Whether it’s a popular cafe or somewhere outside. I would try to get to know my way around.

    3. If I could move anywhere in the world I would move to Edinburgh, Scotland because I fell in love with it when I was there a few summers ago. I loved how beautiful the city was and the different people there. There was history on every corner.

  3. tinachan0102 says:

    1.If I had to leave the city I live in, the hardest thing I leave behind is my family and friends. Since it has been three years since I came to Seattle for high school education as an international student, I found it also difficult to get used to the changes of “language”, the food, environment, and culture, etc. There are way more things you would not know or aware that was hard to get used to it before you live in a totally different place or country.
    2.I would try to communicate to the people there because if you make new friends, it is the fastest and the most practical way to get involve in a new place.
    3. If I can move anywhere in the world I would move to Paris, France. Paris has always been my favorite place I want to visit in the world, and I’ve never been there before.

  4. jkbetti says:

    1.The hardest thing to leave behind would have to be my ease of access into places (not in the black mail kind of way!!!) but having the opportunity to travel and to go to museums and galleries.

    2.Well the nice thing about my family is that I have relatives everywhere I go. If that did not work I would find a small community and build up from there. I love my foundation time… -3-

    3. Since I basically grew up in the Midwest, it would be awesome to go back and actually live there. However, it would be amazing to live in Montreal. Since I speak a ton of French I could use what I know and still tease myself into believing that I am in a “foreign country”.

  5. John Pham says:

    1. What I would find hardest to leave behind would be nothing.
    2. To feel more connected with my community, i would talk with people.
    3. I don’t know what city i would move to but i would like to live on the east coast.

  6. Daniel Lee says:

    1. The hardest thing to leave behind would be friends and family living at the city, but I still like to meet new people at a new place.
    2. I would go to a church every night, or volunteer at there.
    3. I would go to San Diego, where beautiful beaches are located.

  7. dinh says:

    1. The hardest thing to leave behind would be my family and my friends. There are so much connection between each of my friends and I’ve been with my family my whole life, it would be very uneasy for me to leave them behind. However, I do look forward to meet new people and make new friends.
    2. I would connect to any Deaf community since I can actually communicate with them and I know a lot of communication etiquette. Another community I can connect with is the Otaku and Anime Communities, but I really like anime. I would also connect to some gaming communities and technological communities since I do have knowledge of a lot of games and computer coding. The last community I can connect with is the Instrumental Music community because who wouldn’t love and live for music
    3. I would be a person who would never leave the shorelines. I would probably a International District in a East coast City, probably New York or Boston

  8. Jake Ryerson says:

    1- My dog Miley would be the hardest to leave if I were to leave the city and move away.
    2- To connect with new people I would try to get involved in as many social activities as I can and go out with friends frequently.

    3- If I had to pick a city I would pick a city somewhere in the Bay Area in California.

  9. Jacob Dailey says:

    As I get ready to leave my usual life behind I have to think about all of the things that will be left at home. Most difficult is probably going to be my friends. I spend a lot of time hanging out with all of them and it’s going to be strange to have to make new ones and not be able to see the ones I’ve been with for the past 4 years. I’ve always been told hat the best way to get involved in a new community is to join clubs or sports and meet people with common interests as myself. While considering colleges I am looking to move south towards arizona or California.

  10. Dave Herman says:

    1. Friends
    2. Probably get to know my neighbors and play guitar in clubs or something.
    3. Paris or Bristol

  11. Meghan R says:

    1. It would be hardest for me to leave behind my family and my home. They have always been around making me feel secure and safe, going means I have to do it on my own.
    2. I would try to push myself to visit different places, like parks and such to see how people act.
    3. If I could go anyto any city, I would go to Inishmore. Even though technically it isn’t a city, it is an island, I would still go there. It is so beautiful and relaxing, and while it is small, the community is large and loving.

  12. Nils Gollersrud says:

    1. I would find it hardest to leave behind a small city that I know well and also my friends.
    2. To connect with a new city, I would begin walking around on foot to know the area well. I have a great sense of visual navigation, so if I can see any place I go, I can navigate in my head. I would also make friends with the locals and try a hands-on experience to learn how a different culture lives.
    3. If I were to move to another city, I would move to London because I am fascinated by British culture and I would want to live in a place where I could blend in well.

  13. Tammy Pham says:

    1. I am an international student so I left my home country when i was 16. Things that make me find hardest to leave is my family, my dogs, and all the memories.
    2. I want to volunteer maybe in a Vietnamese organization to help out Vietnamese people in United States if I can
    3. If I were move to another city, I would love to go back to Ho Chi Minh city because that the place that make me feel happy when I think of it.

  14. kaileemd says:

    1. I would find it very difficult to leave my dog behind. I’ve had her for nine years now and I don’t want to be without her.
    2. I’d find a favorite restaurant, coffee shop, grocery store, and a friend.
    3. I would move to Victoria in Canada because I very much like it there and would like to attend college at UVIC.

  15. Brooke Fornerette says:

    1. When I leave the city this coming August I will find it incredibly hard to leave behind my mom. Although I will see her again, it won’t be the same as being with her every single day.
    2. When moving to the new city I will get involved in extra activities to get to know other people.
    3. In my dreams I would love to move to Miami, Florida or Los Angeles, California, but this coming August I will be moving to Phoenix, Arizona.

  16. Carol g says:

    1. When I leave the city, the hardest thing to leave behind is my mom, brother, and grandparents. We are all under the same roof but in a few months only 3 people will be left.
    2. When moving to a new city, I will get involved in activities and clubs that will introduce me to new people.
    3. If I had the control, I would move to London, England or Austin, Texas.

  17. Evan P says:

    1. The hardest place for me to let go of would probably be my desk area I spend most of my time here and everything is exactly where I want it. My family and friends would be just a phone call away and I am sure that I would miss them but I can always make new friends.
    2. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do. Probably get a job, find someplace to play music/ be in an orchestra or symphony.
    3. I would like to move to a rural area in China pick up tea farming and just enjoy life.

  18. 1. If I left Seattle, it would be so hard for me. Especially leaving behind my family because I am so close with them.

    2. I would try to make sure to get involved in activities and clubs as much as I can. I would go on tours, and try to make new friends.

    3. If I would movie anywhere I would move to New York City. I’ve never been there before and there are so many great opportunities there

  19. Makenzie says:

    1. The hardest thing to leave would be my family. I would miss my brother and I joking around and messing with each other. And I would miss seeing my mom everyday.
    2. If I moved to a new city, I would start by meeting my neighbors. I also enjoy sports, so I would look into sports teams that play near the area I live. I would also look for things I am interested in. Such as my favorite stores and movie theater.
    3. I would like to live in Oregon or California. I live in Federal Way right now, I would also like to live in Seattle. I like being in the city and having lots of things to do. No matter where I go, there must be a lot of activities for me to do and have fun.

  20. andrea z says:

    1. Leaving my family and friends behind would be tough, because I have spent so much time with them over the years and it wouldn’t be the same wihtout them.
    2. If I were to move to a new city, I would definitely take tours and explore the famous places within the city as a way to settle in. And if I didn’t like the new city, I would bring some elements of Seattle into my home to feel more comfortable.
    3. I’d probably like to move to maybe Los Angeles or another city in California because I’m tired of the rainy weather in Seattle.

  21. Heather Wu says:

    1. It would be hard to leave behind my friends and family that I have come to know and love. I would also miss just staying in one place because I used to move a lot when I lived in Miami, Florida, (like once or twice a year), and it was nice to have one place to call home, one place that I can actually say that I grew up in, one place where I always know I belong.
    2. I would be fine figuring out a way to connect to the community since I’ve had a lot of experience with it. I would probably try joining a sport club where I could meet people that like doing the same things I do. I would also do something with music since it is such an important part of my life.
    3. I would probably move back to Honolulu, Hawai’i because every time I go and visit it feels like home away from home. I was born there and I visit pretty much every other year. Yes, in reality it is not the best place to live but I feel at home there and that’s what matters to me.

  22. Alex Sheardown says:

    I would find it pretty hard to leave my mom and dad behind because they’re one of the biggest part of my life. I love them so much and they’re so amazing to me living without them is weird.
    I would live my life as usual until I found some people I like then I’d try to hang out with them. Maybe I’ll join a church or a community group of some sort.
    I don’t know maybe seattle or hongKong.

  23. Andy Wang says:

    1. It would be really hard to move leave all my friends and family behind and start a new life in other place.
    2. I would probably live in a life of ease, I won’t do anything on purpose to make the differences than my initial life.
    3. Japan

  24. Maddie Hi says:

    1. It would be hard to leave my friends and family because they are such a big part of m life.
    2. I would go to local events that are held in the city and go out to meet new people in different activities.
    3. I would move to Missoula Montana because the people who live their are nice and the community feels like a family. The views would be amazing and the people are so welcoming.

  25. Christian Bell says:

    1. It would be hard to leave behind my friends, my mom and my little brother because they bring so much joy and support to my life.
    2. If I were to move to a new city, I would probably join cooking and yoga classes so I could meet new people.
    3. I would move to San Diego, California because the beaches are beautiful and the city is bright and promising.

  26. Jordan says:

    1. The hardest thing for me to leave behind is definitely my immediate family. It’s nice being able to see my brother and sister whenever I want to. But, it’ll be even harder for me to leave my brand new niece behind, I’ll miss being able to carry her around everywhere before she gets too squirmy.
    2. If I were to move to a new city I would apply for a job where I feel like I could spend a lot of time, and hopefully I’ll meet new friends to show me around from there.
    3. If I had a choice, I would move to San Diego, California because the weather is gorgeous and you can’t get enough vitamin D.

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