Changing the world through words

.Watch the following video of spoken word poets.  Then respond by sharing your thoughts — of the poem, of the message, of the artists.  In just two short months we start our poetry unit, where you will have a chance to perform in a similar way.

Blog due Monday February 16, 2015 (yeah, you get some extra time!)


25 comments on “Changing the world through words

  1. john pham says:

    To me, what these girls are saying is that people want to cover up the truth they don’t want to hear and tell themselves lies to make themselves feel better.

  2. Meghan says:

    I think it’s a bit harsh and a bit realistic. There are many things we don’t learn at school that is important. But there are many things we do. At Kennedy I’ve learned about racism, sexism and caring for others. Ive learned about poverty and fear, sadness and excitement. I know what it’s like to be generalized and stereotyped. Just because some people are less fortunate doesn’t mean that everyone with an opportunity is blind to it. I believe people see or are taught to look around, it’s acting on it that is not taught but a personal decision based on growth and experience, not our schools or our communities. Though I’ll say that those things have a huge impact on whether we do it or notm

  3. Tina yuan says:

    I think they are telling something that they never told someone in the school. They just tell what they see or what some of the people see happen in somewhere in America, they are talking about America. about the current issues and the truth. We have to be face the truth and recognize that. even they are not good but it is the truth for our society.

  4. Brooke Fornerette says:

    Wow… I am speechless. These thoughts are thoughts I’ve always had about society. I feel that things are never taught or no one ever makes them aware to others. Today I feel that I live in a society where everyone has an opinion about someone else’s life and judging others for their decisions with no thought that maybe their actions that have been done are for a deeper reason. I live in a society today where everything is swept under the rug and no one wants to address the problems in the world. No one wants to address them or talk about them. Personally I think if we talked about them I feel that maybe we would be more aware and there would start to be a change, but in today’s society that just won’t happen and we will keep going around in our own little perfect world selfishly worrying about ourselves and ourselves only. All I can really say is that what they had to say was extremely powerful and if people didn’t know this was going on in the world, then it may really open their eyes.

  5. kaileemd says:

    I agree with many things they are saying but there are some stereotypes I am not completely satisfied with because not all private kids don’t have a job and they aren’t all rich.

  6. Andy Wang says:

    I totally agree with most of the points they brought up, I think sometimes the school or the media just too overwhelming that make us hard to reach to the truth, and also, the school bans the books because of the inappropriate words, but this actually does not make any sense because we already know all of the words before. In conclusion, these words are powerful and completely describe the issues that happened around the world.

  7. Daniel Lee says:

    The performance was really powerful and eye-catching. Although there were biases in their message, I think that the society needs this type of movements to make people notice a dark side of the world.

  8. AC says:

    The poem was delivered very well. Sometimes all speaking at once and then switching to taking turns aided the message delivery. These poets make some good points and address some people who l feel are rarely recognized as the source of issues. The poem flowed well with the rhyming and the blank verses.

  9. Makenzie says:

    I think the poem was very meaningful and strongly delivered. They spoke confidently and it was emotional. It made me realize that this is how society and the world has become. We only remember certain things repeated to us over and over. we forget the things that we have not been told enough, and they slowly fade out of the picture. Overall it was amazing and inspirational.

  10. Emily Vandenberg says:

    I thought they spoke great. Society needs to hear this message that these kids are saying. However, they’ll be a lot of different opinions about what they said. We need to focus on what we all can do to help our society.

  11. Tammy Pham says:

    The message that these girls want to deliver people very strong. Why people don’t want to face the truth, the reality and trying to hide from it?

  12. tinachan0102 says:

    I agreed to what they had mentioned and those points are really the serious issues that happens everyday but we do not aware of it! It is a very powerful performance that clearly point out what they’re trying to tell the world, and expressed what they might not be allow to talk about at school.They brought out the point and let people pay attention to the issues!

  13. Miranda Warner says:

    I am amazed at just how powerful this spoken word poem was. The way that they chose to emphasize certain points whether it be all 3 saying a phrase or word at the same time, or the speed in which it was said was so tasteful. This really stood out to me and made the piece as powerful as it was. I think that their message is strong and sadly very true. In school we are taught many things but not all of them are positive. This really opens your eyes to see the life that we are living as students and realize just how messed up our school lives can be. But at the same time, it gives inspiration in order to stand up and change things. This was extremely powerful and inspiring.

  14. Alex Sheardown says:

    Ok, I get what they’re saying but what do want me to do about it.
    America is fucked, the world fucked most people are fucked what can I do to solve those issues. I don’t have those problems and I often feel blessed and undeserving of my reasonably nice life. This video reassures me of that but what can I possibly do to fix any of those horrible things. I work hard in school and try to stay out of trouble but what else can I do. I watch the news and sign petitions but I can’t fix everything.

    There message is true and unbearably sad but what can I do?

  15. Nils Gollersrud says:

    Nothing in this video really stood out or surprised me. I liked the idea of using poetry to make a strong political statement such as this, but I didn’t like how the whole time the performers sounded angry and pissed off. It felt more like a rant about our society instead of telling us to do something about it. I also didn’t like their choice of topics that they covered. Gun rights and censorship are important issues in today’s society, but there are many other more important issues that plague America today. Overall, it was a solid concept, but just wasn’t executed quite as well as it could have been.

  16. andrea z says:

    For the most part, I agree with much of what was said. I think that there are some topics discussed at schools that are contradictory to what we were raised to believe. We’re often encouraged to speak up and share our opinions but other times we are expected to keep our comments to ourselves in mind of other people. Overall the video seemed to be a rant on the expectations of society.

  17. violett says:

    This video was really amazing. I think the emotion these young women put into this poem is what really gets the point across. Any one mcould have potentially written these words but the nway they were said out loud seemed to put the viewer in a trance. The way they compared what a lot of people at our school view as everyday problems to actual horrible, terrible problems that some people actually have to worry about. It also brings up issues about literature being ban in schools because it could be dangerous but things like guns are okay. This was a very strong written poem and i think it was brilliant the way it was read by all thre girls.

  18. Heather Wu says:

    I had seen this video a while ago and I still get chills. I think it’s extremely powerful and every word has purpose. But what really makes this as powerful as it is, is the emotion these girls express while they are performing the poem. They catch my attention from the very beginning and keep it until the very end. These girls speak the truth and sometimes the truth can be hard to face. I can’t put into words how much I love this.

  19. Jacob Dailey says:

    I found this performance to be well said and quite moving. But I don’t like that the whole thing was mostly these girls complaining. They point out all the flaws and problems with society and the way things work but they offer no real solutions to these problems. Because they had no options for solutions this performance to me just became three girls complaining in front of a large audience.

  20. Maddie Hi says:

    I think that everything they said is true. I believe that students dont learn the whole truth in class. They learn what books say and what the writers of the books want them to learn. Teachers arent allowed to teach what they want. They must teach what they are told to teach. I like the message these girls were saying. There are a lot of topics that are not talked about because they arent suppose to be talked about. I think books like To Kill A Mockingbird should not be banded from schools. The book teaches a lot of lessons that students should learn and know. Rape should be talked about so that if a girl is raped she knows what to do. Students should also be able to use their voice to give their opinion on something.

  21. jkbetti says:

    Holy Crow…. that was so true. I read some place that if something you don’t like is going on or something that you don’t agree with or someone who you don’t like is talking just smile and nod. Smile and Nod.
    (So I posted this on Tumblr a few days ago: the (…) I just added today)
    So some people have been asking me why don’t I wear makeup?
    Well I have a few reasons:
    1. I have a ton of scar tissue where make is “supposed to go” so it doesn’t stay on and it actually hurts/irritates me. (I have had ten surgeries. Four of which were plastic surgeries, when I hear people talk about how they want to get those just to make themselves “better” I mentally shoot them in the face and say to myself “I needed those, so I would not be here today if I didn’t get those done)
    2. My personal philosophy is that make up is just a way of lying in a “passive aggressive” manor. I mean the whole reason why make up was even invented in the first place was to make someone FEEL “beautiful” not BE “beautiful”. (Can you agree?)
    3. I’m just to lazy to worry about it. *subtle laughter* I’m surrounded by dudes most of the day and 90% of my friends ARE guys so I don’t need to worry about impressing them because I act like them. ( I’ve been called horrible things because of this. I’ve had things thrown at me because of this.)
    4. My half-sister steals all of my make up anyway. (To show off to her friends and compare herself to me. She is prettier, taller, more fit, doesn’t take medications, and has had an actual relationship with a guy.)

    …. Can you agree or am I just crazy?

  22. Katie-Maureen says:

    They had a very powerful way of delivering very harsh but true statements. However, I felt like they were yelling at me the entire time and although that added to the power it also made me feel that I should be scared into believing what they were saying. Again, although a large amount of the statements they were saying were true, they used a lot of stereotyping which is contributing to a large proportion of the problems in schools, somewhere in America.

  23. Ryan B says:

    Sometimes I feel constantly ranting about our failures gets us nowhere, instead it would be more effective to rant about how to fix them. Their presentation was good, I’ll give them that, but if I was in the room I might have been a little scared. Out with the negativity and in with the positivity!

  24. Christian Bell says:

    I’ve watched this video at least ten titimes. It never loses its power. I love the diversity of the poets and their voices. I also love their fashion sense.

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