Building Block Poem

Write a poem that starts with a one word title, two words in the first line, three in the next, and continues by adding one word per line.  Write at least ten (10) lines!  Example below.

Due Sunday March 29, 2015


Spring (1)

Wet grass (2)

Green trees sway (3)

Birds sing and play (4)

The afternoon grows longer still (5)

As chill fades with the winter (6)

My heart lifts at close of day (7)

Another morning will bloom with promise and hope (8)

The changing seasons mark Father Time’s passage and mine, (9)

Summer is just a moment away — waiting with bated breath (10)


Tell it like it was…

Using this photo and the following details, write her story:

Time: 1945

Place: Texas

Age: 17

mamaDUE SUNDAY MARCH 15, 2015