Tell it like it was…

Using this photo and the following details, write her story:

Time: 1945

Place: Texas

Age: 17

mamaDUE SUNDAY MARCH 15, 2015


27 comments on “Tell it like it was…

  1. Meghan R says:

    So much stress which fills the air, like the smell of burnt toast on a Sunday morning. Home feels like a war itself. I just want to spend five minutes where “fighting”, “death” and “Hitler” are not mentioned every five minutes. Maybe that is selfish, maybe I should go to hell for feeling that way, but it is true. I know thousands have died, and my heart swells with hatred and sadness for them, but why should I forget about my own life, to mourn? I can mourn while I live, right? I just want a life full of happiness, not anger. I want to see my family laugh again, not worry about Danny fighting in this unrelenting war, full of angry and angrier men. I wish he was home, he always knew how to calm Mom down. He always knew how to fix the wrongs of life.
    Today I decided to head down to my spot on the river. Hidden behind trees, but open to the killer Texas sun, this spot was perfect for hiding away from undying issues that I had no power to change. My spot away from life. My sweet neverland. Stretched out, I watch the clouds float softly by. Secret messages of lands I’ll never see, of people who wish silently on their unrecognizable shapes that lie within. I dream of Danny, of the laughter and memories. Of floating down the river seeing who could hold their breath longer. I wish I could talk to him, tell him about how crazy Mom has been. How I feel as if this war is more important to Mom and Dad then me getting accepted to the school of my dreams. I’ll be the first women in our families history, a history full of farmer wives, to go to college. But ever since Hitler came around, he’s become the new family “favorite”. Danny would set things straight, Danny always did.
    I wonder where my big brother was now…
    Home for once is silent, a shuddering light flickers on in the kitchen. I walk in, warm from hours in the sun, eyes adjusting, my stomach drops to the ground. Dad sits quietly at the table, his eyes red and puffy. A letter rests in his hands, almost like he is reading it, but one glance shows his eyes are blank and far away.
    “Dad?” He looks up, he is shaking, but his walk is steady as he comes towards me. For the first time in a week, my Dad says my name,
    “Annabelle, he’s gone. Our Danny is gone.”
    But before he can touch me, I’m out the door, his shouts for me hushed in the haze of my thoughts.
    Danny, my older brother. The one who kicked Johnny’s ass after he cheated on me. The one who held me afterwards as I cried. My best friend? Gone?
    As I fall to the ground, a heap of anger and tears. I feel my Dad’s strong arms wrap around me. He is shaking, but he is my rock. I lean into him and then soft arms are folding around me. Filling in the gaps. My moms tear stained cheek rest on my shirt. A puddle of love and sadness, that is what this feels like. My family brought together once again, by my big brother. I look to the clouds that slowly disappear with the last rays of light and think one last thing, before melting into the puddle with my parents.
    I will kill all those damn Nazi’s if it is the last thing I do.

  2. Brooke Fornerette says:

    Hi! My name is Betty and today is August 28th, 1945 in Northeast Houston, Texas, the sun could have been brighter, but I wasn’t complaining because it was my 17th birthday! Today was going to be a great day either way, even if it was going to be a gloomy day. I ran downstairs to greet my mother who was cooking breakfast for my family and me. My family would make this day so much better. They had a whole day planned for me and I was immensely happy. We had all sat down to eat together and the rain started pouring and the wind was coming at the windows. My dad asked my brother to turn up the radio, there was a hurricane warning. I was starting to get very worried and there became a pit in my stomach. Today was August 28th , 1945 the day of hurricane Audrey.

  3. John PHam says:

    In Texas, 1945 i have just turned 17 and finally can be the head of my family. My family owns a ranch south of Dallas. it might be unusual for a girl to be the head of the family but my family is one of the few exceptional family that allows it. as the head of the family, i will be responsible for making profit to help the ranch expand, taking care of business and other things. My parents are talking to me about getting an arrange marriage to help keep the ranch alive but i told them that i don’t need a man to help me, i can do it myself. As the new head, my life will get a lot harder.

  4. Andy Wang says:

    Ashley, a young girl lives in Texas, this is a pictures taken from his father when she was 14, and this is the only picture she had to memorize her father, in 1945, Japan surrendered, World War II came to the end, every male she knew had come back to home, but his father did not make it back, he died at Pearl Harbor when Japan invades it. Her dad left a farm and two young brothers, she is the one to become the anchor of her family, she needs to find the way that will work for his family, she has to take care of her brothers and also saves some money for her college education or maybe join the military after she graduates from high school, but these are all for future, how to lives in a life without her father is the thing to be most concerned.

  5. Rachel says:

    It’s a hot summer day in 1945 in the country side of Texas as Carly Cole arrived at a place that was once part of her past. A place she grew up but for some reason could not remember at all. She found pictures of herself as a child
    playing in this yard and was finally able
    to track it down. She recreates one
    of the photos she found, posing with one hand on her hip and the other behind her head. But what Carly doesn’t know is that this place is not one of fun times and happiness. It was a place of disaster. Will Carly ever be able to figure out the truth of what lies behind the memories left in the photos?

  6. Makenzie says:

    My name is Marilyn. I was born in Texas. Today, January 1, 1945, I have turned 17 years old. As I was searching through the attic, I found an antique camera. I showed it to my mother. She told me, “this was your great grandfathers.”
    I smiled and looked at the camera with awe.
    ” He would be happy if you would have it!”
    “Thank you so much mom!” I yelled with gladness.
    I wanted to use it right away. I ran outside and told my mom to take a picture of me. I struck a pose and smiled. As the picture slowly printed out, I waited in suspense. I was overjoyed how it turned out. I hear the war is getting worse, and I want to send this to my uncle who is fighting in the war. Always treasure the little things, that’s what my mom says. Hopefully this picture will give him hope.

  7. kaileemd says:

    It was 1945 and she was the Corn County Beauty Queen. The hot summers and freezing winters did NOT make it easy to be this beautiful but, as usual, she won. Her whole world was devoted to these pageants, at least it was after her daddy walked out. Her mama had no job experience to speak of, she hadn’t even finished high school. So her and her mama did what they had to do. They “pertied” themselves up and competed in painstaking pageant after pageant. It wasn’t the worst fate but it wasn’t a good one neither. She often daydreamed that she could just run away from the pageants but never from her mama. Sometimes, the worst times, she dreamed of her mama and her running away to her father but she knew that would never happen.

  8. Daniel Lee says:

    Allie was working at her parents’ farm since she was a child. Because her parents could not afford an expensive education price for Allie, memory of her childhood was all about farming. Everyday morning, she went to barn to get three fresh eggs and milk for breakfast. One day, on the way to the barn, she took a newspaper in front of her house, and read it. On the second page, she saw an advertisement saying “hiring a female model.” Tired and bored of her insipid life, Allie decided to become a model. The photo shown above is the first picture when Allie asked her dad’s photographer friend took a picture of her. She sent the picture to the address shown on the newspaper. After 5 years later, Allie still went to the barn to take three eggs.

  9. Jake Ryerson says:

    Judy decided to spend the summer of 1945 in Texas with her cousin Gina. Judy had one more summer left before her senior year began and Gina was encouraging her to come to Texas for college. Gina lived on a ranch and attended the University of Texas. She was one year ahead of Judy and would be a sophomore the upcoming fall. Up to this point, she had spent her whole life in Ohio. Judy had the most exciting summer of her life in 1945, and became very close with Gina. She went back home when it was time for Gina to begin her sophomore school year. Judy told her parents that she wanted to go to school at UT and live with her cousin Gina.

    Her parents said that they would consider the suggestion. The next few months were suspenseful for Judy, as she awaited a decision from her parents. Eventually the day came and her parents called her into the living room. Her father told her to sit down and she did so. He told her that he and her mother had put lots of though into the decision and that they were willing to allow her to go to Texas. Judy jumped with excitement and thanked her parents for allowing her to have this new experience. She called Gina to tell her the good news and Gina was ecstatic as well.

  10. AC says:

    Ever since Lerith had lost her leg in the big logging accident of 44 her parents had dreamed of moving to Texas and getting away from it all. Having come a long way to move into her new home Lerith excitedly poses for a picture to commemorate the big day.
    l know, moving to Texas doesn’t seem like a good choice when one is trying to “get away from it all” but Leriths’ family was just looking for a new environment, a safer environment. Ever since Texas has been relocated to the moon it has been a pretty hectic place but Leriths’ family thought that they could be of great help getting things in order since Bram, Leriths’ father, was a King Sloth Man and her mother, Net, knew quite a lot about noodles and diameters. Lerith looked into the camera and thought about how her new life would be here on the close to gravitationless Texas. She smiled and thought that everything would be okay.

  11. Alex Sheardown says:

    Dear diary,

    Today was an exciting day, I finally got to use a photo box. My mama was so excited she took out my best plaid shirt and had it washed in the river. The photo guy was nice he took me to a quaint spot in front of the log cabin. We only had enough money for one photo so there was no re do’s. Thinking back I think the pose I chose didn’t really work with my outfit. I’m so glad my family is going to be the only who is going to see this. Its not like its going to get upload to a big wall where everyone can see it.

    70 years later

    dam it

  12. Tina yuan says:

    1945 in Texas, that year she were 17 years old, it was very nice day and also it was the summer break. She decided go her grandfather’s farm to spent her all the summer break in there. she had long time didn’t came to visit her grandfather’s farm. She still remember when she was 7 years old she had been here play with all the animals and some of kids. It was very nice recall. this time she wanted have good time there, she brought her new camera with her. She wanted to use the photo captured every beautiful landscape as a souvenir. when she gots there she ask her grandfather took picture in front of his house. She puts very beautiful position and her grandfather took it for her. she will never forgot that day.

  13. Carol G says:

    In the summer of 1945, Claire moved from the city of New York to Texas, in a big farm owned by her grandfather. She was less than excited leaving her friends and going to place she had never been before. Upon arrival, Claire was weary of everyone waiting for her at the gates. She scrunched her face as she looked around. The smell of the farm made her almost gag. She looked so much out of place with her floral summer dress and sandals. Everyone in sight wore plaid shirts and old jeans except her grandfather who wore overalls. The people on the ranch were welcoming, making her feel right at home. It took weeks before Claire even started to wear the plaid shirts but with much coaxing from her grandmother she finally agreed. She had made friends with two of the girls on the ranch. She learned that their families worked for her grandfather on the ranch. It was the first time Claire wore the plaid shirt and old jeans when this picture was taken. Everyone was too much in shock and would not stop pestering until she took a picture.

  14. Evan P says:

    “Hey, there Bill” said Robbie as he sat down in his chair.”
    “Hey Rob, you just wake up?”
    “Yeah, do we have an assignment for today?”
    “Nah Earth seems pretty quiet”
    “Hmm, why don’t we run a scan on sector 1194-C”
    “Ha, there’s nothing there!”
    “Just do it…”
    With a chuckle Bill settled in and started queuing up the menus to make a scan on sector 1194-C. He was a master at the alien console and his fingers flew like sparrows on a nice summer day. The ship silently altered its orbit so that it would be directly above 1194-C within the next hour. With a whirr Rob watched as the scanning systems came online a strange metallic-red liquid dashing through the many tubes that made the strange and foreign machine work.
    “Course set…Lover boy” chuckled Bill
    “So help me God I don’t shove you in the airlock”
    “Hey, Hey, I was just poking fun! I am going to go get some rest see you in a couple of hours.”
    Bill’s capsule clicked close and Rob relaxed into his chair sipping at the hot coffee in his hands. His supply was running low, After six months on the alien craft observing and reporting on the Germans and their movements from space they were bound to run out of some things but Rob wasn’t sure how he was going to survive without Coffee.
    The holo-display to his left beeped softly as the ship neared its destination.
    The “Ship” as he liked to call it was unlike anything any human could’ve created. In his training they had tried to describe its power systems and engine. Something about 4th dimensions and gravitational manipulation but Rob never understood it. As far as he was concerned he was trapped 100,000 miles from home. Trapped in this dumb metallic machine farther up in the sky than any human had ever been.
    The console in front of him whirred on and reproduced a picture of his daughter standing there laughing as a man took her picture. She was looked so blissfully happy, standing in front of their house in her plaid shirt and jeans.
    Rob leaned back and let go, he let the tears fall from his eyes as he remembered the painful fact that he would likely never see her again.

  15. Heather Wu says:

    I’m stubborn and defiant…but why should I be any different? I’m not weak and I’m definitely not quiet. I won’t let anyone hold me to a lower standard just because I’m a girl. We’ve proven what we’re capable of; that we can do a “man’s work.” We deserve to be treated equally, in fact it shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place but that’s life. Well, my life and the life of all women.
    Because of the war, I have no father. He was a pilot, a fighting ace. My mother died when I was very young so my dad was left to raise me by himself. Obviously he didn’t know how to raise a girl but he did his best. I am exactly like him. I’ve always had a fascination with airplanes but I knew that, being a girl, I would never be a pilot. My dad knew how much I loved planes so he secretly taught me how to fly. Being in the air, flying, is my greatest joy in life. But I don’t fly anymore, I never will. That’s something my dad and I shared and now he’s gone. When I got the new that he was missing in action when his plane was shot down, I was devastated but I never gave up hope. I had faith that he was alive and would come back to me and we would go flying in that old plane of his that he kept behind the barn. And I was right, he was alive and a prisoner of war but by the time the war ended, he was killed. I not only lost my dad, but I also lost my best friend. I hated those Nazis. I had no more family left because of them and I wanted to do something about it but there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t fight, I was too young and a girl, it would never even be considered an option. I stared at the picture my dad took of me on my seventeenth birthday and this time I didn’t stop the hot tears from rolling down my face.

  16. David Herman says:

    She was named Mary Lou and born into a nice farming family as the youngest of her sisters. Her parents didn’t want anymore kids after her because the Great Depression was having a particularly harsh effect on farms and they feared the economy could not provide for another farmer’s child. She grew up easily and was always treated like the baby, but she didn’t mind. When she was a teenager she didn’t mind about what was happening in Europe just as she had learned to not mind about the families suffering in the town she grew up in. She thought that if she had people to take care of her, then others would have the same.

  17. Miranda Warner says:

    It’s July 10th, 1945 and I couldn’t be happier. I, Ashley Johns, had got the boy I’ve had a crush on since the 8th grade to ask me to the local school dance! Being 17, all my friends would laugh at me because of how much of a loser I was with boys. I was always so scared to talk to them, but look at me now! Boy am I ready for the starry night where I’ll have the best time of my life.

  18. Ryan B says:


    Suzanne Wainwright Born:1932 Last seen: March 15,1947

    Brown Hair
    Brown Eyes

    Suzanne went to school March 15, 1947 just like any other day. Except on March 15, 1947 she never returned to the comforts of our Houston Texas home. She was last seen walking home after her school activities at 5:12 PM on 3rd Ave S. A local marketer called 911 when he saw a male figure abduct her from the side of the road, when he threw her into the back of a SUSPICIOUS WHITE MINIVAN. She was a loving and caring person, please help find her.

    For more additional information please contact: 206-342-2153
    If you have any additional information about the whereabouts of Suzanne Wainwright please contact: 206-482-8392

  19. Tammy Pham says:

    Today, May 10th, 1945, I couldn’t be happier. Finally, my dad got back home after the World War II. I remember, when I was just a little girl, maybe 10 or 11, when the WWII began, my dad hug and kissed me and my mom. I thought he was just going to the Downtown and going to get me some new toys as always. I waited, waited but nothing. I asked my mom where had Dad been going? She just signed. And the day finally came, the day he went back to Texas with me and my mom. At that moment, I did not expect any presents from him, I was glad because dad finally came home.

  20. violett says:

    Mary Ann had big dreams. Ever since she was little she wanted to move to New York and be in the shows. Mama told her that was unreasonable and that she was to stay on the farm and help out until she was to be married to Joe. The other farmers son. This life seemed repetitive and boring, Mary Ann wanted something different and exciting! Besides she didn’t even like Joe and did not want to live with him on a farm for the rest of her life.
    One summer when Mary Ann was 17 she went to the Texas State Fair to show her favorite pig Daisy. When she was unloading Daisy into the judging pen a man approached her and told her how stunning she was. Mary Ann was very flattered when the man offered to take some pictures for her. She thought that maybe she could take the pictures with her to New York and try to become famous! She thanked the man for the picture and when the fair ended she started drivin her Pa’s truck the opposite way from home.
    With Daisy in the passenger seat Mary Ann ran away and went to New York. It was a tough travel because all Mary Ann had was a few dollars. She relied heavily on the help of strangers but eventually did make it to New York. When she arrived a feelin of euphoria over whelmed her and she knew good things were gonna happen. Mary Ann and Daisy the pig travelled around New York showing Bar owners the picture and eventually a man named Big Al decided to hire Mary Ann as a show singer. Daisy accompanied her for all of her shows and Mary Ann was happy. She eventually married a very nice man named Johnny and had a little girl named Jenny Lou.
    The End

  21. It was my first day in Texas and I absolutely love it! I came to Texas to visit my Aunt Marie and my cousin Sue. They lived in the countryside and they lived in the most beautiful log cabin. It was the summer of 1945 and my mother urged me to go out and make some new friends. Sue and I went to the movies and she brought a whole group of friends with her. I guess Sue was popular. She introduced me to all her friends and they were very kind. I felt very welcome. There were three boys that came with us and one caught my eye. He was the most handsome boy Iv’e ever met and he was such a gentlemen. His name was Andrew. I told him that my name was Alice and that I am from Seattle. He told me he never been to Seattle but he said he always wanted to visit there. After we saw two films, Andrew asked me out on a date. I was more than happy that he asked me because I fancied him. We went out on a picnic on a field near my Aunt’s log cabin. He told me that he was a photographer and that he wanted to take a picture of me. I said of course! I stood infront of the log cabin and I striked a pose.
    I ended up marrying Andrew and we moved to Texas. After my Aunt died, we bought the log cabin and raised our family. Visiting Texas was the best day of my life.

  22. Hayley clement says:

    August 7th 1945.Dallas, Texas. The day Jose Rose went missing. She was into the crack dealing pimp named Juan, part Hispanic, part gangsta. When I, Jesus the investigator questioned the 23 year old Juan on the where abouts of Jose Rose, he said and I quote ” You are one stupid *** little White washed *****. Get the **** off my lawn before I bust a cap in your *** for coming here without a warrant.” I then proceeded to tase the man, when all of a sudden Josie Rose drive up to the house and asks what is going on here?” Juan said ” I’d like you to meet Josie Rose my girlfriend”. All of a sudden Jesus realists that he was there by mistake and Josie Rose wasn’t missing after all

  23. tinachan0102 says:

    It was taken on July 19th, 194 at Dallas, Texas. I was seventeen. My family moved here since two years ago because of my father. He loves Texas, loves the weather, the people, and the most important, is where he stayed for most of his lifetime, and i love it too. My father owns a farm, and my brother and I spend most of the time to help with my parent do the farm works, either feeding the animals or cleaning. It is an awesome place to me, I love to play with animals, and so does my brother, my whole family. I appreciate for what my parents’ hard-works to take good care of all the things that in this farm, and I am glad to be part of it!

  24. Jacob Dailey says:

    Everything was so hot in her home town. She was tired of it. She was tired of a lot of things. Everyone told her that she was a “southern belle” and that she would make a great wife some day. All young Susan ever wanted was to be her own person and become a lawyer. Her father and mother both shot down her hopes and dreams saying they were far fetched and ludicrous. Susan finally got up the courage and she told her father that whether he liked it or not she was going off to college to follow her dreams. Her dad then responded that he wouldn’t pay a cent of it and so she ended up not being able to go and she still lives in her small town and enjoys her quiet life. She has come to terms with the idea that not all dreams come true.

  25. Lukas Bachmann says:

    This is Nancy McDermott. She is a teenager in Texas during World War II. Before the war started she was a sweet little eleven year old that loved to roam the open farm fields with her best friend Billy. Billy was a year older than Nancy but with the farms on the land being so spread out they were the only two near eachother in age that lived close by. They were raised together since day one always causing mischief together. As they grew up they began to fall in love with each other. Then the war began. Nancy and Billy both had to say good bye to their fathers as they were sent over seed to Europe and Japan. Billy became the man of his house and Nancy helped out with what she could but with 4 siblings to look after of her own she had her work cut out for her. The war went on and they both received letters from their fathers telling them of their great war tales and triumphs. One day the letters stopped coming from Billy’s dad and a Federal agent showed up to their door with a folded flag under his arms. Nancy cried as she watched the man hand the flag to Billy’s mother from her window. The next day Billy got a letter telling him he was drafted to his father’s platoon. Before he left he sent a letter to ask Nancy’s father for her hand in marriage. He received a letter back granting them his blessing. Nancy and Billy were married two days before he was set to ship out for Japan. It was a beautiful wedding. It was everything Nancy wanted. After being deployed for two weeks Nancy set Billy this picture of herself and on the back wrote, “Come home safe my darling, I love you”. After the war was won and the town had a parade a man that she had never met walked up to Nancy. He introduced himself as Jimmy. Jimmy had served alongside Billy and his father. He went on to explain that during a fire fight Billy was hit and with his last dying breath handed the photo to Jimmy and told him to find her and tell her he loved her more than anything and that even though his life was short it was one well lived by her side.

  26. Christian Bell says:

    “Pose for the camera Miss Lamarr!” Rang out a deep teasing voice. Paula May Walkers turned to face a smiling Jessie Walkers holding up a brand new black camera. “Ha! Funny, but if I was as perfect as Miss Hedy Lamarr you’d have had a whole heep of a lot more trouble convincin’ Ma to let me marry a farm boy like you Mr. Walkers.” Paula replied. While most 17 year old southernbelles prepped for the upcoming ball, Paula, the wayward daughter of Texas debutante Mrs. Lyon and the late politition Mr. Lyon spent her time working the farm land with her new husband. And despite being cut off from a bitter mother, she’s never been happier. “You might be right. But I think you look better than any of them fancy dames. I mean you make plaid and denimn look like a satin dress. Can’t none of them do that.” Jessie laughed holding up his camera for a picture. “Well, thank you kindly.” Jane beamed striking a Hollywood pose.

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