Building Block Poem

Write a poem that starts with a one word title, two words in the first line, three in the next, and continues by adding one word per line.  Write at least ten (10) lines!  Example below.

Due Sunday March 29, 2015


Spring (1)

Wet grass (2)

Green trees sway (3)

Birds sing and play (4)

The afternoon grows longer still (5)

As chill fades with the winter (6)

My heart lifts at close of day (7)

Another morning will bloom with promise and hope (8)

The changing seasons mark Father Time’s passage and mine, (9)

Summer is just a moment away — waiting with bated breath (10)


26 comments on “Building Block Poem

  1. AC says:

    Eyes focused
    Mocking the viewer
    Cleaning gone undone
    Sun out of reach
    But to the glistening specks

    Want, just not enough to move
    Want, just not enough to get up
    Want, just not enough to take a stand
    Want, just not enough to do anything about it
    Want, just not enough to risk all that there is

  2. John Pham says:

    not enough
    need more time
    time to do activities
    fun activities that will excite
    time to use time more effectively
    actives that will take time and effort
    more time will nurture your wisdom and knowledge
    knowledge and wisdom will help grow your talents more
    time a concept, not real, only you think it’s real

  3. Makenzie says:

    It’s here
    Sun is shining
    I love the weekend
    Time to hang with friends
    Stay up late and sleep in
    Procrastinate, don’t do homework till Sunday evening
    go outside, enjoy the time away from school
    enjoy the warmth of the sun and be adventurous
    the week has ended and a new one will begin

  4. Rachel says:

    Busy city
    Pike Place Market
    The Space Needle stands
    Mount Rainer in the distance
    The ferries cross the blue water
    The rain pours down on the city
    The tourists stand in line at original Starbucks
    without any of these,Seattle would not be Seattle
    Rain or shine, the city is one of a kind

  5. Sun
    Warm weather
    The cool breeze
    Spring is finally here
    Taking walks on the beach
    I see the tulips and sunflowers
    Moving gentlely with the trees and grass
    I see the birds chirping loud and cheerful
    Hours later I see the sun setting far away
    Hopefully tomorrow will be a great and warm Spring day.

  6. Alex Sheardown says:

    1 Articles

    2 weekly joy

    3 writing for grades

    4 other things to do

    5 not when there are articles

    6 running out of ideas to write on

    7 it ten twenty-nine I am tired now

    8 is this entertaining? do you like my poem?

    9 feedback might be nice. oh wait how was my memoir?

    10 did it go well I feel like it went well

  7. Andy Wang says:

    great entertainment
    playing with friends
    spend all the weekends
    log on to the Skype
    the strangers are on your side
    find the way to win the pride
    the show goes on, there is no fear
    fire in my eyes, i am ready to fight
    what just happened? i quit because of the stupid wifi.

  8. Brooke Fornerette says:

    Good music
    Hanging with friends
    Eating lots of food
    Smiling with people you love
    Driving with music and no destination
    Feeling the warm sun on my face
    Creating memories with the ones you love most
    Warm nights with great people, laughter, smiles, and food
    Any day that does not involve me going to school

  9. Carol says:

    2.Also food
    3.Make me delirious
    4.They offer me comfort
    5.Sometimes I don’t get enough
    6.Sometimes I get more than enough
    7.Today was not one of those times
    8.The fridge is too far away from me
    9. I’m falling asleep but the movie is more interesting
    10. I should go to bed and sleep tight, good night.

  10. Tina yuan says:

    1 Travel
    2 With family
    3 Enjoy our life
    4 Get very good recall
    5 Travel does not require real destination
    6Travel is the true meaning of love
    7 Care about the scenery and look at the scenery along the way the mood
    8 Either reading, or traveling, soul and body, there must be a way
    9 Life is like a trip, do not care about the destination
    10 A travel to stay away.

  11. jkbetti says:

    1. ALICE
    2. Rabbit Hole
    3. Room of doors
    4. Following the white rabbit
    5. Drink me or Eat Me!
    6. Ocean of tears from the choice
    7. Stupid Cheshire cat, I just wanna leave!
    8. A merry happy unbirthday to you! Tea party
    9. Which side of the mushroom do I eat mister caterpillar?
    10. Queen of hearts wants to play a game of croquette.

  12. Maddie Hi says:

    1. Death
    2. Is dying,
    3. Leaving this world,
    4. It’s part of life.
    5. Leaving one and entering another.
    6. Leaving behind memories and crazy adventures.
    7. A new beginning to a new life,
    8. Life continues with new memories and new birth.
    9. Your soul will always be with those who loved
    10. And will be cherished until it’s their time to pass.

  13. Tammy Pham says:

    2.After spring,
    3.Starts at June
    4.The sun is nice.
    5. It’s perfect time for traveling
    6. It’s also perfect time for beaches
    7. The time for relaxing after studying hard
    8. Summer is coming and I am so excited
    9. Summer is a the best season of the year
    10. Friends, you should get ready because summer is almost here.

  14. violett says:

    Country music
    Ice cream cones
    Long boarding on Alki
    Adventures with my best friend
    Movie marathons that last for days
    Mosqitos keep biting me, help, Im allergic
    Boating, biking, hiking, kiting, riding, paddling, camping, swimming
    Summer days spent with friends are the best days
    The memories I make now will last my whole life

  15. Daniel Lee says:

    receive letters
    Some are white
    Some are beautifully decorated
    Expecting to see colorful envelopes,
    I carefully open the mail box
    Instead of colors, white letters welcome me
    When will I get letters everyone has gotten?
    Will they even be delivered to my mail box?
    hope they are just too shy to tell good news

  16. Meghan says:

    Starts slow
    Grows stronger soon
    Follows a broken path
    Trust shattered by years gone
    Looking for a way to heal
    Lost together in an old forgotten trail
    Hope is what keeps us moving on forward
    Pain and fear will not slow our spirits down
    We are fearless adventurers trying an old but changing world

  17. Heather Wu says:

    Half Asian,
    Half White girl.
    Confine me, define me
    But you will never understand
    I don’t fit into one group.
    I am not one over the other,
    I am just me, the real me, both.
    There’s no acting more Asian or acting more White
    People only see Asian or White but I see both.

  18. tinachan0102 says:

    We live
    Different for everyone
    You only live once
    To be proud of yourself
    Cherish every moment you been through
    Never be regret to what you do
    Time never wait for anyone or any things
    Love is what we share and what we do
    Every memory will be the most precious thing you get

  19. Katie-Maureen says:

    Orange fur
    Shining amber eyes
    Very fat and plump
    Purrs and meows, kneeding me
    Hisses and scowls when he’s angry
    Catches me mice to show his love
    Prances around the house to follow me around
    But mostly sleeps all day and takes up space
    Love this fat lump of fur- my favorite cuddle buddy. 😸

  20. Nils Gollersrud says:

    A dream
    We live in
    When do we wake?
    Will it be the end?
    What will come after this life?
    Do we die, where do we go?
    But who are we, where are we from?
    There are too many questions and too few answers
    But who are we to ask- will we ever know?

  21. Christian Bell says:

    If only
    I could fall
    in a deep sleep
    but sadly on my desk
    lay a stack of scholarship apps
    which needed to be completed like yesterday
    I wish I were filthy rich that way
    I wouldn’t need the money and could rest
    Alas I’m only middle-class and a procrastinator at best.

  22. Jacob Dailey says:

    Is warm
    Slightly too firm
    There are pillows galore
    With blankets everywhere as well
    Where I spend all my time
    I could just waste away the days
    My bed is where I prefer to be
    Nothing bothers me here, homework isn’t a fear
    My mother yells get up, I respond “in a minute”

  23. Lukas Bachmann says:

    No fun
    Such long days
    Weeks are even longer
    Weekends are way too short
    Who divided the week so poorly
    Maybe I need to speak with them
    Projects are always on my mind during school
    These teachers never seem to give us a break
    I just need a six month vacation, twice a year

  24. hayley Clement says:

    Spring break
    Lots of fun
    Road trip to pullman
    Going to see my sister
    I’m going to bring my friend
    We are crazy together but have fun
    She means so much to me its insane
    I don’t know what I would do without her
    She is my best friend and her name is jasmine

  25. Jordan says:

    Applications, deadlines
    All new people
    Classes, books, and dorms
    When is our first break?
    Sororities, fraternities, parties almost every night
    I skyped with my brother last night
    How long do I have to be here?
    I asked my mom and she said all year
    Am I allowed to go back home almost every weekend?

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