Lord of the Files? Of Mice and Ben? Rodeo and Juliet?

Whilst grading many an essay on the classic British novel, Lord of the Flies, I ran across plenty of typos entitling the book Lord of the Files.  My friends and I had fun coming up with various scenarios in which such a title would work.  The result?  We decided it should be a punk rock musical about working in an office.  That got me thinking…What new twists could be employed by taking the title of a classic novel and, thanks to a typo, creating a whole new work?  Your new book could be a musical, a movie, another novel of a different genre (Catcher in the Eye becomes an upbeat sports memoir, rather than an angsty teen novel), or a music album.

So go ahead — make a few typos of classic novels and see what works best for you.  Give us the old and new title, and your best pitch to sell this new twist to the studios (or publishers or…you get it).  Be sure to give a summary of your new work, the genre, the medium, and of course — the new title!
Due Sunday 5/17/15


33 comments on “Lord of the Files? Of Mice and Ben? Rodeo and Juliet?

  1. Lukas Bachmann says:

    To Fill a Mockingbird

    Jarhead was always a talented taxadermyist. He had stuffed almost every animal known to man kind. He had never met an animal he could not stuff. One animal always eluded him though. The Mockingbird. Follow Jarhead on his amazing journey to finally fulfill his dream of stuffing a Mockingbird.

  2. Dave Herman says:

    In Cold Flood

    A young Eskimo and his family are in for more than they bargained for when their iceberg and igloo home randomly melts in a flash flood as a product of global warming or maybe something even more sinister.

  3. Jordan Botelho says:

    Extremely Flat and Incredibly Dry, a suspenseful novel about the struggles of Jordan Botelho as she makes the rugged, uneasy transition from Washington State to Oklahoma State.

  4. kaileemd says:

    Webster’s Pictionary- Comedy- Musical- Webster, a boy of 15, had always felt the pure, raw need to sing. He rhapsodized all day, when he was at school, in the shower, at dinner. He was a poet at heart but he felt that something was missing. That the words had no real meaning. For that purpose Webster began to draw and define everything he could in hope that he could fill the hole in his heart.

  5. Evan P says:

    the curious incident of the frog in the nighttime

    George talks a walk one night to discover a frog croaking in a lawn. The next day the frog has been brutally murdered and the body is gone without a trace or any evidence to support the fact that the frog has been murdered! George vows to find the frog’s killer. Find out what happen’s next in Evan Patamia’s new mystery thriller book.

  6. Jake Ryerson says:

    Raiders of the lost bark.
    The villagers are returning home to their island from a trip out at sea. They were bringing back a prized tree, but they got caught in a storm and the lost the tree. Raiders of the lost bark.

  7. jkbetti says:

    Where the wilted things are.
    This is the pitiful story of the mother of the deranged king of the beasts. She and her wild garden. Everything is wilting but she seems to find herself lost in her work until she notices that the flowers- that she is trying to save- are growing around her and praising her as “queen of the bed”.
    Take it as it may, this is not for children. Read at your own risk, the flowers will take power…

  8. Kathleen R says:

    One of my favorite poets has also written a bit about proofreading. http://www.taylormali.com/poems-online/the-the-impotence-of-proofreading/

  9. Jacob Dailey says:

    Pilates of the Carribean

    Follows the life of a professional Pilates instructor who resides in the Caribbean and teaches vacationers all about Pilates as a way to purify the soul. The instructor lives life day by day and uses his flexibility to fight crime at night and free the Caribbean from oppression.

  10. makenzie says:

    Jurassic pork
    Follow Bernie the dinosaur on his journey to try new restaurants foods,and as he travels the world finding new ingredients to one day hopefully be the owner of his own restaurant. Help him find his most secret ingredient “pork” and support his business.

  11. Andy Wang says:

    Into the dorm
    This is a movie of several young college students from film-making class are trying to film the secret activities that are held by the students who live in the dorm and show it to everyone in the college.

  12. Alex Sheardown says:

    The Cat with a Bat

    A thrilling TV series about a young college student who wants to play for the major leagues. Watch as he struggles to achieve his goals and falls in love with his forbidden flame. But, on his trip glory his wings get burned as he called out for his mysterious past as a meth cooker. Not to mention his ugly family history in the cartel.

    Critics call it “One Smash hit!”

    (Ignore this part below I just think its funny.)
    _ —
    H (“sound like a must see”)

  13. Carol says:

    Lord of the Fries
    After crashing their school bus, a group of young choir boys find themselves trapped in a local burger joint with no way out. Out of panic, the boys group up for a larger chance of survival. The spirit of competion quickly rises causing a drift: Ralph leads one group which finds refuge in the kitchen, while Jack leads another group in the dinning room. After finding a large stash of fries, the boys turn into vicious killers fighting for a fair share only to find some will die for their fries.

    “Beautifully desperate..”
    The New York Times

    E.M Turner

  14. Meghan says:

    Harry Plotter and the source of his phone
    This is the story of an evil doer named Harry Plotter who was abandoned as a child and with lack of knowledge in what his real name was called himself Harry. And when he became evil, called himself Plotter because he loved to plot many evil things. Ever since Harry was born he has had a indestructible phone that seems to help him in his time of need, even boredom. This is the story of its source of power.

  15. Tina yuan says:

    Blue scarf girl
    when she was six years old, she start wears the blue scarf, this is the best gift for her. this is Communist Young Pioneers children wearing flag. But also in honor of a young soldier, there is a brave little soldier, Fei Erke .Karrie. He and adults to a feeling of hatred against the aggressors in combat. She admires him has that kind of courage, she has been hoping to learn from his spirit, even she is a girl.

  16. andrea z says:

    The Secret Wife of Bees
    Meet Mr. James R. Bees, a successful and wealthy businessman, father of 6 children. Despite his work ethic, Mr. Bees spends his free time socializing with multiple women, and has been married to two women at the same time for the past decade. How long can he sustain both relationships? Find out more by reading New York Time’s #1 novel of the year!

  17. Star Wars: A New Pope
    Hard times are here in the galaxy and the people are desperate for a new pope. Who will inspire them to do good? When a jedi steps up and asks the counsil for this position, many questions arise. Will this new pope bring hope for all?

  18. Daniel Lee says:

    To Feed a Mockingbird
    In Maycomb County, a lawyer Atticus Finch fights against townspeople to feed Tom Robinson’s mockingbird. The starved townspeople want to cook a meal with it, but Atticus thinks animals have their right to live. Atticus’ children, Scott and Jem, try to convince the townspeople, but are ignored. Will they protect Tom’s mockingbird?

  19. AC says:

    Finding Tido
    Plot: Elvis’ twin brother is an Olympic surfer who must overcome a tragic wipeout that causes him to lose his memory. In this heartbreaking story, Tido must learn to differentiate himself from who he is and his brother, Elvis.
    (Original film: Finding Nimo)

  20. dinhlinh says:

    Horton Hears a Boo!
    Children’s Book
    Plot; Horton is an elephant who lives in a forest and goes for bath when all of a sudden he hears a voice of a spirit of a roo (baby kangaroo). The spirit wants to find her mother one last time before going into the afterlife. On their journey, he gets riducule by all his friends and family for such make-believe and goes for such lengths to bring this ghost to her mother. How will the mother react and will the child finally rest in peace?

  21. Heather Wu says:

    Old title: The Maze Runner
    New title: The Maize Runner
    Genre: Action, Suspense
    Plot: When Thomas was a baby he was abandoned and found near a corn field by a farmer and his wife. Together they took Thomas in and raised him as their own. But ever since the day they found him strange occurrences have been taking place in that field. The corn would look ripe and ready for harvest but as soon as you stepped into the field the corn would rot and you would begin hearing screams coming from deeper in the field; cold wind would whistle in your ears, the sky would turn black, and you’d never be seen again. When Thomas was 16 his parents went into the field because they didn’t believe in the urban legend but Thomas never saw them again. He waited and waited and hoped for their return but they never came back. Thomas decided to go and find them and he went into the maize. He saw the strange occurrences first hand but he left the field unharmed. He went back the next day and the day after that so he could find his parents. He became known as the Maize Runner.

  22. Katie-Maureen says:

    The Scarlet Ladder

    In the local McDonald’s, every worker uses the black ladder. However, there is also a scarlet ladder, but it is almost never used. When employees don’t follow the rules they are forced to use the scarlet ladder, and everyone knows that they screwed up. They can’t hide from anyone that they are using it, and they are filled with shame.

  23. Violett says:


    In this movie you will be following five individual rubber ducks as they go from beloved bath time friend to moldy old toy. Will they find a new home or just be thrown away?? Find out in theaters April 2016

  24. hayley clement says:

    Alice in Disneyland

    There once was a girl named Alice, who always dreamt of going to Disneyland. Towards the end of the school day she had fallen asleep! She started dreaming about being lost in Disneyland, dreaming about Mickey and Minnie, all of the rides like space mountain, tower of terror and the mad hatter’s teacups. She got to meet all of the princess’s and stayed in the princess’s castle. She ate lots of candy and yummy treats! It had turned out to be the best day ever! When all of a sudden she stated to wake up to the sound of her teacher calling her name trying to wake up Alice it’s time to go home. Well once Alice got home her parents had surprised her with tickets to Disneyland and it turned out to be the best day ever!

  25. tinachan0102 says:

    Enchanted—> Fall in to Disney

    There is a girl named Giselle, who lived a normal life in New York. One day she accidentally entered into a door which is been enchanted and she walks into Disney’s world. From the realistic world to Disney cartoons world, she is completely lost but having an adventures. She met all the Disney characters along the way in Disney world and at the end she fall in love with prince and become princess. But one day, she found the door to go back to real world, but she decided to stay in Disney world and live her different but fantasy life forever!

  26. Nils Gollersrud says:

    Rave New World

    Medium: Novel
    Genre: Science Fiction

    In the future, society is a massive rave party where people dance, engage in fornication and take drugs. In this perfect world of party going, everyone is happy. Except for Bernard, who has no dancing skills, does not like rave music, and would rather love a girl than just have sex with her. One day, Bernard goes on a date with a girl named Lenina, and they visit a part of the outside world, where there is no rave partying. When they return back to their rave party world, they bring back two of the primitive people they had encountered. But when they show them their world, everything spirals out of control…

  27. Maddie Hi says:

    The Summer I turned ugly
    Original: The summer I turned pretty

    It starts with Belly being the prettiest girl in school. She’s popular and has the best friends you could ever ask for. She has the best clothes, the coolest parents and anything a girl could ever dream of wanting. Then the summer before high school, something happens. Belly’s hair is out of control. Her face is a mess. Her clothes don’t look good on her anymore and nobody likes them.
    Belly loses all of her friends, her parents are getting a divorce and she might possibly be moving to the middle of no-where in Oklahoma. Can life get any worse for Belly?

  28. Tammy Pham says:

    Movie: How to train your Pikachu
    original: how to train your dragon

    Once upon a time, there is a village live in an island in the middle of the ocean. Hiccup is son a this village’s leader. This is a wealthy village. But there is this one thing, Pokemon never allows in this village, because people in the village think that pokemons are dangerous. One time, Hiccup sneaked out to the forrest on the island. He met a Pokemon was injured. It names Pikachu. Pokemon was not like what others say, they are cute and loyalty. Hiccup wanted to take care of Pikachu so he secretly brought it back to the village and take care of it and also train it. Will Hiccup dad be mad of his action? Is Pikachu threatened like the people in the village said?

  29. Taylor Thompson says:

    Alice’s Adventures in Underland

    Once there was a sweet little girl named Alice who made a deal with the devil in order to free her father’s tormented soul from a Banshee. The devil tricked her (go figure) and Alice was sucked down into the Under Wold, where she must fight to survive. She befriends the Mat Ladder who will help her return to the surface world. In order to climb up the ladder however, first she must gather all the bars that are scattered across the Under World. Can Alice survive the treacherous turmoil of her emotional despair as well as constant chaos of the Under World creatures? Find out June 15th when it is released in theaters.

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