The end is nigh..

Here it is…your last blog of the year…of HIGH SCHOOL! wills

So, no restrictions (other than the obvious of being polite, modest, appropriate Lancers in your speech) on this one.  No length requirement, no style requirement.  Write a paragraph, write a letter, write a poem…but say your final blog words on how you feel about graduating, moving on, leaving people or things behind, and starting a new life.  Remember, everything you’ve done so far has just been preparation for the next stage in your life.

I will miss you, Class of 2015 and my life will never be the same for having taught you. You are kind and filled with love and creative and funny and you sometimes drove me crazy and ALL OF THIS has made me a better teacher. Thank you.

Due Thursday June 4 (the day before graduation!)

Lord of the Files? Of Mice and Ben? Rodeo and Juliet?

Whilst grading many an essay on the classic British novel, Lord of the Flies, I ran across plenty of typos entitling the book Lord of the Files.  My friends and I had fun coming up with various scenarios in which such a title would work.  The result?  We decided it should be a punk rock musical about working in an office.  That got me thinking…What new twists could be employed by taking the title of a classic novel and, thanks to a typo, creating a whole new work?  Your new book could be a musical, a movie, another novel of a different genre (Catcher in the Eye becomes an upbeat sports memoir, rather than an angsty teen novel), or a music album.

So go ahead — make a few typos of classic novels and see what works best for you.  Give us the old and new title, and your best pitch to sell this new twist to the studios (or publishers or…you get it).  Be sure to give a summary of your new work, the genre, the medium, and of course — the new title!
Due Sunday 5/17/15

Poetry, poetry everywhere!

The haiku!  This form of poetry is fun to write, but also requires the poet to consider language choice closely. “A traditional Japanese haiku is a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. Often focusing on images from nature, haiku emphasizes simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression” (

Choose one of the following photos (or more than one) and create a haiku about it.  My example is based on the last photo:

Bubbles ev’rywhere;

Ephemeral summer joy…

How I will miss you!

  icelandpony532981_550557181624631_264992687_n 523438_550557744957908_730799866_n 418684_550558488291167_1524743051_n 217958_550558728291143_1501632527_n

Due Sunday April 26, 2015

Building Block Poem

Write a poem that starts with a one word title, two words in the first line, three in the next, and continues by adding one word per line.  Write at least ten (10) lines!  Example below.

Due Sunday March 29, 2015


Spring (1)

Wet grass (2)

Green trees sway (3)

Birds sing and play (4)

The afternoon grows longer still (5)

As chill fades with the winter (6)

My heart lifts at close of day (7)

Another morning will bloom with promise and hope (8)

The changing seasons mark Father Time’s passage and mine, (9)

Summer is just a moment away — waiting with bated breath (10)

Analyze this!

One of my very favorite lines from one of my very favorite shows (and movie, but the show is better) is from Les Miserables.  The line is: “to love another person is to see the face of God.”

What does this line mean to you?  For inspiration, feel free to watch the video. If you can’t handle 7 minutes of awesomeness, then fast forward to about 4:00

Due Sunday March 1, 2015

Changing the world through words

.Watch the following video of spoken word poets.  Then respond by sharing your thoughts — of the poem, of the message, of the artists.  In just two short months we start our poetry unit, where you will have a chance to perform in a similar way.

Blog due Monday February 16, 2015 (yeah, you get some extra time!)